Antina Promotions’ Brand Story: Part 1

Last week, I started a challenge called “The Brand Story Challenge” created by business consultant, Jennifer Kem.  This challenge is a 10 day challenge that pushes businesses and entrepreneurs to answer the hard questions in their business so they can learn to tell their brand’s story and reveal the core of their brand. This is a very exciting challenge to be a part of and I cannot wait to share it with you.  In this blog post, I will talk about my experience for the first half of the Brand Story Challenge.

Day 1: Identifying Your Essence

The essence of your business is all about your “why”.  It is your driving force.  Here goes mine:

My whole life I have always done things differently than everyone else.  I was not one to keep up with the “hottest trends”, I have always done my own thing and have always tried to help others whenever I could.

Fast forward many years and I am essentially the same.  I still do my own thing and I am still the person that goes in the opposite direction that the majority flocks to and am always willing to help if there is a problem I can solve.

To give you an example of how I like to do things differently than everyone else, in high school, I applied to a big-named University in Michigan and got accepted.  As excited as I was, I found out a lot (well, the majority) of my schoolmates were getting accepted and planning on going to that same University.  So, as naturally different as I was, I decided I was not going to go to said University.  Why?  Because everyone else was doing it!

Fast forward a few more years and Antina Promotions was born after I worked at a few different businesses in the same industry and the concept of custom promotional items fascinated me because just like me, the business, the products and the service is different and unique.  Just like I me!

Therefore, I have found my driving force, my why, is because I am passionate about helping others differentiate themselves so they can effectively stand out when they are advertising their company or brand.

Stay tuned until next week, when I talk more about progress on my Brand Story Challenge!

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