Antina Promotions’ Brand Story: Part 2

Last week I talked about my participation in Jennifer Kem, Business Consultant’s, Brand Story Challenge.  A 10 Day Challenge for businesses and entrepreneurs to discover the core and essence of their brand.  Day 1 was about the Essence of Antina Promotions.  Day 2 was about the Catalyst Moment in my life that completely changed me for the better.  My story goes like this:

My husband (boyfriend at the time) had a goal a long time ago to move out of state when we graduated college.  We accomplished our goal of moving out of state. However, long story short, it did not work out and we had to move back home.  We were completely devastated because we felt we failed at the first step we took to initiate the start of our life together.  Not only that, we had to live with family while we both worked at a dead end job that did not even pay enough for us to be able to live on our own.

When I finally got my first “real world” job, we were able to live on our own again, however, my first “real world” job was not as exciting as I thought it would be.  I was constantly trying to do my best and I gave 110% every day.  But, my efforts resulted in little to zero recognition and was expected to work even harder every day.

Until, one day it hit me and I had my darkness to light moment in my career:

Maybe we had to move back home for a reason?

Was it a coincidence I was able to land a couple of jobs in the same industry that is so unique?

It was then and there that I realized that I would not get any opportunities to move up in my current company, I would not get the respect I deserved working for someone else and I also realized my talents were being wasted if I was not being recognized appropriately.

Therefore, my catalyst moment in business happened because I was tired of feeling like I would never move up in the companies I worked for and I felt like I never had any options to better myself or my situation. I realized I could best utilize my energy helping others who would benefit from my services, rather than help someone who did not acknowledge my talents.

To be continued…

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