What Do Your Safety Protocols Look Like?

We’ve all heard that social distancing is a big part of slowing the spread of COVID-19. And, while we can go out into the world, there are some people who are still skeptical about doing so. Therefore, as a good customer experience technique, implementing safety protocols are important to building and gaining trust with customers and employees.

While it’s always been important, safety in the workplace, office space or place of business is extremely important, these days. Not only is it important so you can keep your customers safe, it’s important to keep your employees safe as well. This brings up the question: what do your safety protocols look like?

In this article, we will be talking about the safety protocols you can implement and how you can communicate your safety protocols to your customers and team members.

Safety Protocols to Implement for Your Customers’ Safety

Social distancing is huge these days. Not many people gauge how far apart they need to be from others. This is why floor decals are good thing to use, making it easy to show customers where to stand without the guesswork. The great thing about the floor decals is you can encourage social distancing while also advertising your business (floor decals are completely customizable!).

Another way to encourage social distancing is to use vinyl barriers when having to be in closer contact between a customer and employee. These can look something similar to what you see in grocery stores these days, or they can look like a clear vinyl retractor banner.

Of course, you can’t go without having hand sanitizing stations placed around your location. And to complete the experience, informational signage lets customers know what you’re doing to keep them safe.

Safety Protocols to Implement for your Employees’ Safety

If your employees are working from home, that’s great if it works for your company. However, this doesn’t work for all business models. Whether your employees are working part time or full time, safety is still important!

Vinyl retractors can work for conference meeting rooms. Simply place a clear vinyl retractor banner between each “socially distanced” chair. If your employees sit at desks in a general area, you can go the vinyl retractor route or the vinyl wall barrier route. The vinyl material is easy to clean and will help you maintain best health practices.

You can also use signage and floor decals to educate your employees on staying healthy. Simple signage around the office to remind them to do their health checks, reminders of COVID-19 symptoms, to wash their hands, etc. will all work towards encouraging wellness and safety. Expert tip: for a fun “how to wash your hands” sign, check out https://washyourlyrics.com/.

Communication is Key

Letting your employees in the “know” about the protocols for what you’re doing to keep them safe is a given. However, you should also keep them up to date on how they can help keep customers safe and to remind customers how to stay safe in your place of business. This way, employees can help make sure they are staying safe and helping your customers stay safe, too.

Most customers need to know before they come into your place of business what you’re doing to keep them safe because it will ease their worries and make them more likely to feel comfortable enough to stop in. Emailing your client list is a start. It’s more than likely that you wont have everyone’s email address who will come into your business, so you need to take it a step further. This looks like posting your safety protocols on your website, social media pages, and even on your Google business page. This way they can research your company before they come in. All the added signage, barriers and social distancing will help support this and make customers feel more comfortable and create a new level of trust.

While this is not everything you can do to keep your customers and employees safe, it outlines of some of the things you can do. If you haven’t already, make sure you create safety protocol standards in order to keep everyone healthy and on the same page.

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