How to use Branded Masks as Advertising Tools to Create Experiences

Currently, masks are a part of our every day lives. So much so that they are starting to become a part of our everyday wardrobes. As we have talked about before, the promotional industry follows the fashion industry. This means that you can now get branded masks! But, who wants to wear a mask with your logo on it? Why do they care? These are questions we will be answering!

While the general public is turning masks into fashion statements, there’s a lot of competition for your mask. However, businesses can use this opportunity to use them as advertising tool and build promotions that can create an experience for the customer.

Creating a Customer Experience With Branded Masks

If you are looking into branded masks, let’s go back to the questions we asked earlier. These are questions you should ask yourself before you purchase them.

Let’s start with a question we didn’t ask, because it is one of the most important: Who is going to wear the masks? Employees? Customers? An employee may wear it part of their uniform – that’s easy (they kind of have to if it’s part of their uniform!).

Since we are talking about customers, why would a customer want to wear your branded mask? In other words – why do they care? Do they really want to wear a mask with a giant logo over their mouth or off to the side of their face?

Sure you can argue they are loyal to your brand, your logo is super cool, or that the mask has a more trendy decoration. But these things make your mask an option. You want your customers to want to wear your mask! That’s why you need to make it fun to wear your mask over all the other masks. Give them an incentive and create an experience around it.

Examples of a Creating a Customer Experience

In Store Incentive

If you have a location that customers are able to frequent, you know they will be wearing a” mask when they come in to your business. Why not give them a reason to wear your branded mask?

This could look like handing out your branded masks as customers leave your business. Let them know they can receive a discount (or create another offer for them) when they wear your mask the next time they are inside your store.

Take It To Social Media

If you don’t have a physical location, no worries! People are out and about, still and some people have even found creative ways to spend their time. Once you give people your branded masks, run a contest on your social media page.

With contest rules that can be: 1. take a selfie of themselves wearing your mask when you are out. 2. Post a selfie on their page 3. Tag your company. The person with the most creative spot to take a selfie wins a prize, coupon, discount or other offer.

The best part is you can run this contest every week. Simply choose a day that you will announce the winner. Just make sure to keep the day consistent!

While mostly everyone doesn’t like wearing a mask, these strategies turn an unfortunate situation into a tolerable one. If we have to wear them, why not have fun with it? These examples not only incentivize the customer to wear your mask, it helps advertise your company, too. Also, by making it “fun” to wear your mask, it’s keeping your brand top of mind and making your brand more favorable.


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