Communication is Key to Fighting Uncertainty

As businesses open up, are you ready to “get out there”? Or, are you cautious about when and where you venture out to? While these are great questions to consider for you and your family, know your customers may be considering them, too.

It’s not that there is a right or wrong answer to these questions. But, if you’re a business that is opening up, you are familiar with the protocols of what precautions you need to take to keep customers safe. Your customers are not. Put yourself in your customers shoes as you plan to reopen to ease their worries of uncertainty and to make them feel safe in your place of business. This is where communicating the safety of your workplace to customers comes in.

It may sound simple, but, good old fashioned communication is the key to fighting uncertainty during these times. Here are some ways to communicate to your customers.

Social Media

Social media isn’t about “announcing” what you’re doing to keep people informed, it’s about telling your story. And, it’s about telling that story as you are implementing and before you open to the public, in real time.

Bring your customers along with you on your journey. Not only will it make them feel included in the reopening of you business, you can get their feedback, too. For example, you may be telling customers that you’re ordering social distancing floor grips. Why not ask them what shape you should order?


Since the pandemic started, email inboxes were overcrowded with communications about what companies are doing to keep customers safe. In fact, there were so many emails, your company’s email to your customers may have been overlooked.

There’s no doubt that another overcrowding is coming once businesses open up. But, if you change the way you approach your email strategy, you can stand out and make a difference.

For example, send out a survey to customers to ask them what they are looking for when they are ready to go out into the world again. Or, invite them to follow your COVID story on social media.


Email and social media promote the precautions you’re taking before customers decide to come to your establishment. Signage brings it all together when they get there. Not only can signage help them navigate the new “rules” at your business, it can help bring your messaging together to enhance the brand experience.

Whether you need outdoor signage to tell customers you’re open or whether you need indoor signs to tell customers what to expect in your establishment, its good to have clear communications set up so there is no confusion or uncertainty.

Not only can communication ease customers worries, it can help increase the brand experience they receive from your company. Which, as you know, can increase customer happiness and loyalty.

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