What You Need to Know About Trade Show Preparation

If you’re planning to attend a trade show in the near future, do you plan to create an Event Promotion Strategy? This includes setting clear goals and creating an Engagement Strategy that will allow you to maximize your visibility and your traffic.

Many businesses plan to attend the show, but their plans do not go much further than purchasing giveaways for attendees. In order to achieve your goals and get a return on your investment, you need to do more than that.

For starters, create an Engagement Strategy for the show. Then, promote what’s “going on” at your booth to your audience before, during and after the event.  Many attendees simply walk a trade show floor and collect the free giveaways.  It is your job to engage and excite them about your brand so you can turn them into quality leads.

Here are some strategies you can use to set yourself up for success at your next trade show.

Determine Your Goals

There are many reasons to attend a trade show.  However, you need to find out why you are attending and what you are looking to achieve.

You may want to meet new prospects that would be a good fit for your business.  Or, you may want to demonstrate new products and services to your target markets.

Setting a goal that is specific and measurable will help you define activities to achieve this goal at the show.

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is key to crafting a message that they can relate to.  Then, you will be able to use this message to grab your audience’s attention and engage them.

Next, it will help you decide which questions to ask to pre-qualify your leads. A great strategy is to pre-qualify leads before the trade show. Then, once they are qualified you can set up appointments to meet with them during the show.

This takes qualifying leads to the next level because you can discuss your company’s products and services to attendees who are already interested in your company.

Create A Fun and Engaging “Attraction” At Your Booth

The trade show floor can be overwhelming to most attendees.  This is one of the reasons why it’s important to not only promote before the show, but promote during the show. This is where your Engagement Strategy becomes “live”.

Coming up with a fun contest, game or providing some other form of entertainment will help you grab the attention of attendees. This will help you bring them into your space so you can qualify them and turn them into leads.

You want to make it fun, engaging and epic!

The best thing you can do to produce a successful trade show is to be prepared with a proper strategy.  You want to make it fun, engaging and EPIC!

Here’s to a successful trade show!

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