Do You Know How to Promote Your Event So You Achieve Maximum ROI?

thinkingIn order to end up with a successful trade show or event that generates leads, followers, ROI or whatever results are important to you, you need to not only plan your event properly, you need to plan your promotion strategy properly.

This means you have to promote your event before AND during your event, plus you need to follow up after.  Simple.


Ok, ok, I get it, you already have SO much to do with planning your event you don’t have time to promote your event.

In fact, planning is taking so much of your time that you don’t even know where to start promoting it.

Planning an event can be stressful.  I know how it is, but you need to promote your event, too!

Promoting your event is the only way you will be able to see the benefits (aka standing out, increasing visibility, seeing a positive ROI) or all of your hard work will have gone to waste – not to mention the money you spent, too.

Think about it.  How many live events have you hosted where you were less than thrilled with the results when it was over?

How many times do you have to give away a logoed bag just to find out almost everyone else was giving away a bag on top of the bag the organizer gave you when you got to the show, to make you realize this wasn’t going to cut it?  You’re tired of wasting money!

Sure you can keep doing the same things you have always done at trade shows and live events, expecting a different crowd will give you a different result, but that’s a perfect way to blend in with the crowd.

You need to stand out in order to make an impact, and we can help.

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Mid Summer Blues? Cheer Up! Tradeshow Season Is Coming Soon!

We made it to August!

Some may mourn the fact that Summer is almost over while others are saying summer technically doesn’t end until September 22nd – the “official” first day of Fall.

Whichever side of the road you are on, the fact of the matter is today, it is still summer!  That sounds like the middle ground route to take, don’t you think?

So, now that we are all on the same page of focusing on the present, here’s the current situation:

Tradeshow season is upon us!

With that said, I want to let you in on a secret we have been keeping: Antina has been busy working on something big!  Something that will help you more than ever, with your Tradeshows and Live Events.  maximize

We call it: Event Maximizer.

Event Maximizer is a new service we will be launching this month that will help exhibitors at tradeshows and hosts of live events not only stand out but gain a return on your investment.  We are in the process of finalizing details and we will let you know sooner than later when exactly our new program will be launched.

So, stay tuned.  Especially if you are planning to host an upcoming Live Event or if you are planning on sponsoring a conference or Tradeshow that involves your company exhibiting your products and services.


What You Need to Know About Trade Show Prep

I know that it is hard to believe, but like it or not summer is almost over.  And that can only mean one thing, trade show season is almost here.  If you are planning on attending a trade show this fall, you should really go prepared so that you get the most out of your time there.  Many attendees simply just go to a trade show and walk around and collect the free giveaways.  That’s great and all if your purpose of attending the trade-show is to expand your promotional product collection.  While getting promotional products are great, I’m sure you are attending the show for another reason.

Determining what the actual purpose of attending the trade show is the first step.  There are many reasons to attend a show, but figuring out what your particular needs are is very important.  One reason to go to a trade show is to meet new vendors or suppliers.  You will have the opportunity to meet several new suppliers as they will be exhibiting at the show to demonstrate new products and services to their target markets.

The second step is prepare yourself to make sure you get what you need out of your interactions with the vendors at the event.  Figure out what questions you need answered by the vendors.  Plan ahead for exactly what you need to know in order to work with the potential new vendor.  Feel free to arrange for meetings with the vendors at another time to further the talks for doing potential business with them.

The third step is on of the most important, have some fun.  Try to make time to see attend a presentation or educational seminar that may take place during the event.  Gaining knowledge and information inside your industry could give you an edge over your competition.  Also, feel free to strike up conversations with other attendees.  You never know who you could meet.  You could be talking to a future employee or even a potential partner for an upcoming project.

The key to a successful trade show is to be prepared.  Make sure you cover all of your bases to ensure that the purpose of your attendance is fulfilled.  Have a happy trade show season!


Is It Time To Update Your Tradeshow Display?

It’s time to dust off your company’s logoed tablecloths, retractor banners and table top displays….tradeshow season is upon us!  If you frequent the tradeshow floor you know that one of the things you need is an eye catching display.  This ensures potential leads will drift your way, and you will get a chance to tell them about the great products and services you offer.  But, how do you know when it is time to update your display? Here are 3 ways to tell if you need to freshen up your display.

1. Outdated Information

Maybe your company recently added new products and services that are not reflected on your tradeshow display.  Maybe your display does not reflect the most unique aspect of your company.  Or maybe there is outdated information such as phone numbers, email addresses, websites, etc. that need to be changed.  In either case, this is the number one reason to change your display because you want to reflect the most relevant aspects of your business along with updated contact information.

2. Your Display Has “Seen Better Days”

After exhibiting at a number of tradeshows, you might think to yourself “Gosh, this display has seen better days”.  This is normal considering the amount of times you have had to set up, tear down and transport your display.  If you notice a little wear and tear, it is a great time to invest in another display that will give your company a fresh, clean look.  Plus, if your floor display is falling over, or your banner will not stand straight, you will want to consider safety as an opportunity to refresh your look.

3. Your Display is Not Getting Enough Attention

If your display is in great shape and is up to date, maybe you are noticing you are not getting enough of a response, or the response you would like at your tradeshow, you may want to ask yourself the following questions: “Does my display look too much like everyone else’s?”, “Is my display too plain?”, “Are my competitors getting more attention than I am?”.  Some of these questions may indicate you need to update your booth because you want to stand out instead of blend in, you want an eye catching design to attract attendees and you definitely want to stand out from your competitors.

All in all, your tradeshow booth is supposed to showcase and highlight your company’s best attributes.  But, if your booth looks outdated or is not working for you, then your investment will not help you as it should.  So, if you feel your display is outdated, worn out or is not working for you, you should definitely consider making a new investment that will work for your company as much as your old display used to.



How Promotional Items Can Help Market Your Tradeshow

Tradeshows are great events to give your company a chance to get noticed and shine among the rest of the companies surrounding you.  When attendees come to your tradeshow booth, you want to create an experience they will remember. Promotional products can help you before, during and after your tradeshow.

Before your Tradeshow

Before a tradeshow, companies sometimes order promotional items to entice prospects to come to their tradeshow booth and learn more about their company/product they are promoting.  For example, send out promotional mailer to prospects you are targeting and current attendees to encourage them to visit your booth.

This includes two-part gifts and solitary gifts.  Two part gifts are usually gifts that are given out beforehand and invites prospects to receive the second gift when they come to your booth.  For example, pens and journalbooks, dog collar and dog leash, or a coffee mug and logoed candy to fill the mug with.  Solitary gifts are simple gifts to be sent out to announce announce your tradeshow presence (webkey with directions to the tradeshow, promotional bag or stress reliever).

During your Tradeshow

trade-show-displayHand out gifts to attendees who visit your booth.  Usually, passing out items will help them remember which booth they attended.  Higher end gifts can also be given away to select attendees who participate in a contest or drawing or opt to sign up for your monthly newsletter (the winner to be chosen after the trade show).

Antina Promotions also offers logoed tradeshow displays such as  tents, tablecloths, flags, etc to help you design and set up your booth to stand out so attendees know where to find you.

After your Tradeshow

Send a small gift to participants who visited your booth and gave you contact information.  Usually, these gifts that are given out are small thank you gifts showing attendees thanks for visiting your booth and also invite further contact.

Bonus: Measuring Results

How do you know if your promotional efforts were successful?  Here are a few ways:

-If you used a two-part gift, make sure you keep track of attendees that bring in the first gift to redeem the second gift.

-Add a QR code onto your promotional item and invite attendees to go to the designated website and fill out a survey, contact information, etc. for a chance to win a prize or to redeem a gift.

-If you include paper webkeys as part of your giveaway during your tradeshow, you can track how many people loaded the content on the webkey.

Learn more about how Antina Promotions helps you from start to finish for your next tradeshow.

How To Stand Out At Your Next Trade Show

A trade show can be a wonderful event where your company has a chance showcase itself.  No matter what type of company you have, there is one thing all trade show exhibitors have in common: they want to stand out to the trade show attendees.  Promotional products can help you stand out from all other booths if you make the right choice in which product to you choose to hand out.

First off, try to pick products that are unique.  The most popular trade show giveaway items are totes, pens and notebooks.  These are the three products that you should avoid like the plague…you want to be different, right?  So, now that you have avoided blending in with the crowd, you need to make sure that you are handing out products that are useful.  This way, attendees can use them over and over throughout the trade show and/or later on at home or the office (making you more popular than the rest).

Of course you should always stick to products that fit your industry or the theme of your booth.  But, here are a few useful products that will surely help you get your company to stand out from the rest.



Hand Sanitizer Spray

Credit Card Style Hand Sanitizer Spray

Lip Balm with Caddy and Attached Carabiner 

Lip Balm Caddy with Carabiner

To kick your product up a notch, try adding a QR code or Social SnapTag, so attendees can scan these codes to interact with your company in any way that fits your needs.  For example, if you want attendees to easily add your contact information to their smartphone or even get direct access to your website, add a QR code to the product with either your contact information or website or both.  Or, you can add a SnapTag if you wanted to give attendees an incentive, discount coupon or enter them into a raffle to win a prize for connecting with you on Facebook or Twitter.

Choosing the right promotional products to hand out at your company’s next trade show will help you stand out from other exhibitors.  Just remember to stick to useful products that relate to your theme or industry and avoid common products like totes, notebooks and pens.