Coronavirus (COVID-19) and How It Impacts the Promotional Industry

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation has affected us all. The Promotional Industry is no different. We’re here to inform you about how this impacts us and what it means for you.

COVID-19 Affects Our Supply Chain

It’s no secret that a good amount of the merchandise in our industry is sourced from factories in China. Most of our vendors keep items in stock waiting to be printed with your marketing message. However, when stock is low, they typically replenish by placing orders from their factories in China.

What this means is it’s possible an item might run out of stock, and not be available for an unknown amount of time.

Currently, factories in China are still up and running, but are only running at half production. To mitigate this, our vendors have communicated they are placing larger orders than normal, it’s just unknown when the orders will arrive over here. Others are looking into different sourcing options.

It’s not that we will run out of promotional merchandise. Rest assured we work with many vendors that source domestically or create their own products domestically, as well.

While its possible that an item might sell out and not be available at any certain time, the worst that can happen is you might not get your first choice promotional item. Or, perhaps the quantity you would like to order won’t be available. In this case, we will help you find alternative merchandise to fit your needs.

What We’re Doing in Our Business

  • We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 developments from those in our community to our vendors and others in our industry.
  • Meetings with clients will be held virtually, via Zoom, or your preferred virtual meeting space. We view this as an opportunity because this is the way the world is pointing, anyway, so why not jump on board?
  • We are working from home as much as possible.


Tips for your promotional merchandise needs

  • Due to stock uncertainties, if you are close to or running low on any items you regularly keep around, we encourage you to contact us sooner than later. We can help you determine where you items are sourced from and current stock levels. This is not to scare you into purchasing anything you don’t need, rather to give you a heads up on the situation in case your stock items could be out in the future.
  • Communicating to your clients about the precautions you are taking for COVID-19 is crucial. Banner displays are perfect for this purpose. If you are in need of a banner for your office or lobby during this time, we are waiving waiving set up fees for our lightweight banners for clients who are looking to get their COVID-19 message across.

If you have any questions or concerns about how COVID-19 can impact your promotional needs, feel free to reach out to us. We are always here to help.

Stay healthy and safe!



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