Sometimes You Just Need That Missing Piece

missing-pieceOver the past few weeks, I have been reading Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. In his book, Hill tells an interesting story that made me think about how it is so easy to give up in certain situations that may seem hard at first, but if – and only if – you push through, will you be able to reap the rewards.

This was not the case in one of the stories Hill tells called “Three Feet from Gold”.  This story is about a man called R. U. Darby and his uncle who had caught a bit of “gold fever” and how Darby’s uncle set out west to start digging so he could become rich.  Here is my summary:

After a few weeks of digging, Darby’s uncle found some gold.  So, he went back home so he could raise enough money to purchase the machinery required to bring the gold to the surface.  Once the money was raised Darby and his uncle went back to the spot and they dug up a whole lot of gold!

After a while of digging and collecting the gold ore, the gold disappeared.  Unfortunately for them, the gold was no longer there.  But, they kept drilling and drilling.  And drilling and drilling without any luck.

So, they decided to quit and sell the machinery to a junk man in exchange for a few hundred dollars and went back home.

The junk man, ended up calling in a mining engineer to look at the mine.  After the engineer assessed the mine, he found out there was a “fault line”, that Darby and his uncle were not familiar with.  After some calculations, the mining engineer discovered the gold would be found three feet from where the Darby’s stopped drilling!

The junk man ended up digging up millions of dollars in gold from the mine because he knew enough to seek expert advice before giving up.

The moral of the story? Well, it is in the last line – seek expert advice before giving up!  If there is something you want in the world, badly enough, don’t give up at the first sign of struggle.

I will give it to the Darby’s for at least continuing to dig a while longer after the gold ran out.  However, they did not persistently dig for gold until they discovered the rest, and simply missed their opportunity for millions of dollars in gold because they gave up too soon – three feet too soon to be exact!

This is the same kind of logic that I tell my Event Maximizer clients who exhibit trade shows and host live events: sometimes you are working hard at promoting your event, but you just need to know a strategy that will give you that extra boost to achieve maximum results.

This is the same kind of logic that goes hand in hand with maximizing results in your business.  A business owner, entrepreneur, especially has to wear many hats day in and day out.

There comes a time when you hit a plateau and you realize, you are working really really hard, but you are not quite maximizing your results.

You really really want to maximize results, and you are trying your best, but something is missing.

When you get to this point, don’t give up!

When you get to this point, remember this story and realize that seeking expert advice, is more than likely the best route you could take to get to that maximum point in your business because you are not an expert in that field, you are an expert in what you do best in your business.

When you feel like giving up, really assess whether you need that missing piece that will bring everything together for you, for the better.


Do You Know How to Promote Your Event So You Achieve Maximum ROI?

thinkingIn order to end up with a successful trade show or event that generates leads, followers, ROI or whatever results are important to you, you need to not only plan your event properly, you need to plan your promotion strategy properly.

This means you have to promote your event before AND during your event, plus you need to follow up after.  Simple.


Ok, ok, I get it, you already have SO much to do with planning your event you don’t have time to promote your event.

In fact, planning is taking so much of your time that you don’t even know where to start promoting it.

Planning an event can be stressful.  I know how it is, but you need to promote your event, too!

Promoting your event is the only way you will be able to see the benefits (aka standing out, increasing visibility, seeing a positive ROI) or all of your hard work will have gone to waste – not to mention the money you spent, too.

Think about it.  How many live events have you hosted where you were less than thrilled with the results when it was over?

How many times do you have to give away a logoed bag just to find out almost everyone else was giving away a bag on top of the bag the organizer gave you when you got to the show, to make you realize this wasn’t going to cut it?  You’re tired of wasting money!

Sure you can keep doing the same things you have always done at trade shows and live events, expecting a different crowd will give you a different result, but that’s a perfect way to blend in with the crowd.

You need to stand out in order to make an impact, and we can help.

Download our free “Event Promotions Essentials Guide” to get the skinny on 4 important questions you need to answer for your next live event or trade show!

How To Make Your Next Tradeshow As Fierce As Lady Gaga

If you have ever been an attendee at a tradeshow you know how overpowering the show floor can be from the time you walk in until the time you walk out.  What, with the 100’s of vendor booths and the crowds of people, who wouldn’t be overwhelmed?

In a few weeks, it will be time to start preparing for the Spring Tradeshow Season.  Besides having an awesome looking tradeshow display, what is your plan?

As a vendor at a tradeshow, knowing about an attendee’s struggle is only a fraction of the battle.  Why?  Because you want to find out how to get that overwhelmed attendee to remember you and in order to do this, you need to focus on creating a plan of action that includes providing brand awareness of our product or service, collect qualified leads and followup so you stand out from the rest of the vendors.  Some may say you want to make your tradeshow campaign as fierce as Lady Gaga to make them remember you!  So, here are some tricks:

1. Create a Strategy – lay it all out on the table.  Figure out the ins and outs of the entire show from finding out how to engage your company with your target audience to even marketing yourself to other exhibitors.

2. Market Before the Show – this is crucial to generate interest before the show so attendees will make it a point to see you when they get to the show.  A few ways to do this is through direct mail, social media and your email signature.

3. Create an Experience for Attendees – Not only do you want to attract visitors, you want to engage and educate them.  Be create here and give them an experience they will not forget!

4. Collect Information – A special offer provides a way for you to stay in contact with attendees. Create a special offer incentive in exchange for your visitors’ information.

5. Follow Up! – This is a crucial step to exhibiting a tradeshow.  Why go through all the above steps, including collecting contact information if you do not plan to use that information afterward? Some ways you can follow up are by simply calling your prospects, send out prizes, materials, samples or thank you letters for stopping by your booth.

If you take that extra step to become bold and fierce to stand out, make sure you strategically plan your tradeshow, your chances of having a successful tradeshow experience will be greater than if you showed up and left your promo items sitting on the table.

What You Need to Know About Trade Show Prep

I know that it is hard to believe, but like it or not summer is almost over.  And that can only mean one thing, trade show season is almost here.  If you are planning on attending a trade show this fall, you should really go prepared so that you get the most out of your time there.  Many attendees simply just go to a trade show and walk around and collect the free giveaways.  That’s great and all if your purpose of attending the trade-show is to expand your promotional product collection.  While getting promotional products are great, I’m sure you are attending the show for another reason.

Determining what the actual purpose of attending the trade show is the first step.  There are many reasons to attend a show, but figuring out what your particular needs are is very important.  One reason to go to a trade show is to meet new vendors or suppliers.  You will have the opportunity to meet several new suppliers as they will be exhibiting at the show to demonstrate new products and services to their target markets.

The second step is prepare yourself to make sure you get what you need out of your interactions with the vendors at the event.  Figure out what questions you need answered by the vendors.  Plan ahead for exactly what you need to know in order to work with the potential new vendor.  Feel free to arrange for meetings with the vendors at another time to further the talks for doing potential business with them.

The third step is on of the most important, have some fun.  Try to make time to see attend a presentation or educational seminar that may take place during the event.  Gaining knowledge and information inside your industry could give you an edge over your competition.  Also, feel free to strike up conversations with other attendees.  You never know who you could meet.  You could be talking to a future employee or even a potential partner for an upcoming project.

The key to a successful trade show is to be prepared.  Make sure you cover all of your bases to ensure that the purpose of your attendance is fulfilled.  Have a happy trade show season!


Antina Promotions Now Offers Event Consulting!

Planning an event can be a very stressful experience.  Your to do list can quickly become overwhelming and it is very easy to become unorganized.  Even worse, you may become so busy planning the different aspects of an event or a tradeshow that you may forget about one of the most important parts: the promotion!

Promoting is an extremely important aspect of planning an event or exhibiting at a tradeshow.  You should promote the event or tradeshow to attract people to come to the event or visit your tradeshow booth and you should know how to use the promotional items you are advertising with or giving away so you can advertise effectively and  ultimately, gain more leads.

As you may know, Antina Promotions specializes in event promotions and tradeshow displays.  We decided to give our clients more value by starting to offer event consulting services to provide tools and guidance so they can get the most out of their tradeshow or event and gain the most benefits to turn an event or tradeshow into a good investment.

There are several ways to promote your tradeshow or event.  Of course, we know promotional products can handle the branding, advertising and promotion.  But how you use those products may become unclear.  Here are a few ways we can help you make your event or tradeshow a success:

  • Attract exhibitors or sponsors
  • Generate buzz among your target markets about the event or your presence at a tradeshow
  • Help you collect quality leads
  • Following up with leads

These are just a few things that Antina would be more that eager to assist you with.  We would be more than happy to sit down with you and start mapping out your next event or tradeshow.

Help Invitees Count Down the Days to Your Big Event

Are you looking for a unique event mailer that will help invitees remember the date of your big event?  We have the perfect item to present to you.  This particular item can be customized to fit the needs of anyone sending out a big event mailer to notify recipients to save the date for an upcoming event.

Introducing TimeFlyz: the Save the Date Countdown.  The Save the Date Mailer comes in a variety of different colors and has a programmable timer so you can set the countdown to your event and mail it out to those invited.  It also features a rare earth magnet and a permanent foam adhesive so recipients can choose how and where they place it to remind them of your event.  Plus, its 1.5v long lasting Maxell button cell battery will ensure the timer stays on throughout the duration of your countdown.

What makes this item a great mailer is that it is lightweight and only 6mm thick, giving it the capability to easily attach to mailers, business cards, Bridal save the date cards, Corporate or Personal Invitations – you name it!  Some of the more popular uses for these save the date timers are for Employee Incentive Mailers, Customer Appreciation Events, Grand Opening Invitations, Trade Show Invitations, Anniversary Events, Golf Tournaments, Wedding Announcements, Sports Season Openers, Baby’s First Birthday Countdown, Baby Due Date Countdown, Vacation Countdown and any other event or countdown you can think of.

5 Ways to Use a T-Shirt for Promotional Marketing

T-ShirtT-Shirts are one of the most popular promotional items out there.  Why?  For one thing, everyone likes getting a free t-shirt.  For another, businesses like giving away or selling t-shirts because customers who receive or buy the shirts are likely to wear it around (because they like receiving the shirt) – providing a different kind of advertisement for the business.

T-shirts are very popular because they can come in any sort of style and color to match company, business or event colors.  What’s more is there are a variety of decorating techniques to help make your t-shirt stand out.  This means there is room for creativity, so your shirt stands out from the other shirts that your customers may have been given.

If you need help deciding how to giveaway or sell a t-shirt, here are 3 ways to use a t-shirt for your promotional marketing.

1. Giveaway a t-shirt to customers who use your product or service.

This can be part of a direct mailing campaign or can be used for in-store promotions.  For example, the first 100 people to purchase a specific product (or service) will receive a free shirt.

2. Incorporate a free t-shirt with social media platforms.

Create a promotion that offers a free t-shirt to new Facebook likes or to everyone that follows your new Google+ page.

3. Free t-shirt for participants in your event.

If you are hosting a fundraiser or event, encourage participation by offering a free t-shirt to all that show up to your event and partake in the festivities.  For example, if you are hosting a blood drive, give a free t-shirt to all that donated blood.

4. Sell t-shirts as a memorabilia item at your restaurant, bar or other place of business.

This works well for bars, restaurants, food establishments and other businesses located near tourist areas.  Normally, when people are on vacation, they like to purchase items that remind them of where they have been and a t-shirt is perfect for them to bring home to show friends and family members.  This is good for the business as it gives the opportunity to advertise in different parts of the county and possibly giving the business a “destination” for future visitors.

5. Sell t-shirts during your fundraiser or event to raise money for a cause.

Selling a trendy t-shirt is one way that will help you raise money during your event or fundraiser.  The kicker is that the t-shirt should say something about how the recipient did X for X cause to make the recipient feel good about their accomplishment.

One last tip: If you are planning on selling or giving away t-shirts for your promotional marketing campaign, remember, design is everything.  If you make sure the design of the t-shirt you are giving away or selling  is a trendy design, this makes the t-shirt a shirt worth wearing, creating a larger chance that your t-shirts will be worn (think advertising) or sold.