Antina Promotions Now Offers Event Consulting!

Planning an event can be a very stressful experience.  Your to do list can quickly become overwhelming and it is very easy to become unorganized.  Even worse, you may become so busy planning the different aspects of an event or a tradeshow that you may forget about one of the most important parts: the promotion!

Promoting is an extremely important aspect of planning an event or exhibiting at a tradeshow.  You should promote the event or tradeshow to attract people to come to the event or visit your tradeshow booth and you should know how to use the promotional items you are advertising with or giving away so you can advertise effectively and  ultimately, gain more leads.

As you may know, Antina Promotions specializes in event promotions and tradeshow displays.  We decided to give our clients more value by starting to offer event consulting services to provide tools and guidance so they can get the most out of their tradeshow or event and gain the most benefits to turn an event or tradeshow into a good investment.

There are several ways to promote your tradeshow or event.  Of course, we know promotional products can handle the branding, advertising and promotion.  But how you use those products may become unclear.  Here are a few ways we can help you make your event or tradeshow a success:

  • Attract exhibitors or sponsors
  • Generate buzz among your target markets about the event or your presence at a tradeshow
  • Help you collect quality leads
  • Following up with leads

These are just a few things that Antina would be more that eager to assist you with.  We would be more than happy to sit down with you and start mapping out your next event or tradeshow.

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