3 Things to Avoid When Choosing Promotional Products

Choosing the perfect promotional products is more complex than just going online and picking out a few hundred products to slap your logo on.  It is very important to know how to choose the right promo products that your company can use to gain impressions.  Here is a list of things to avoid when trying to choose a promotional product.

1.  Avoid choosing random promotional products

When you see a random promotional product based on its price or based on its looks, you should always think twice before you buy.  Remember, promotional products are most effective when they are useful to your target markets.  If your target markets will not use the product, you will miss out on valuable impressions for your brand.

2. Avoid using items that will only be used once unless completely necessary

Some examples of items that will be used once are balloons, bottled water and chocolate.  As these items will get better use during an event, they are ineffective when used as a give away to target audiences.  However, if you would like to use “one time use” items, try pairing the items with items that last longer.  For example, give away a logoed paperweight with a balloon or a logoed cooler filled with logoed bottled water.

3. Avoid using items that are not useful to your target audience

The rule of thumb is: if your target audience will not use it, your product will not gain the maximum amount of impressions.  So, if you want to give your promotion more potential, give away products your target audience will use on a regular basis.  For example, give away a pedometer to someone who is health conscious not to someone who does not have an interest in working out.

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