7 Summertime Products Great for Camping and Outdoorsy Markets

Summer is finally here as June 21st marked the first day of summer.  This means, longer days, warmer temperatures and small weekend trips to the lake to go fishing, camping, etc.  If your target markets fall in the categories of families looking for a weekend away, adventure seekers and all other outdoorsy types, try to give away promotional items that will help them out in their travels.

The products we suggest range from small give away items to larger gifts to show your target markets you appreciate their business mid-year.  The products we suggest are:

1. Insect Repellant Spray

This pen shaped spray can be taken anywhere.  Perfect for those on the go.

Bug Spray

2. Compass

Let your audience know you will help them find their way on their travels.


3. First Aid Kits

This first aid kit comes with the main essentials in case someone gets hurt on a trip.

First Aid Kit

4. Flashlight/Lantern

This flashlight stretches to also double as a lantern.


5. Umbrellas

Your audience will be glad they received this item if there is a chance of rain.


6. S’mores Kits

This S’mores, kit is perfect for nights by the campfire.

S'mores Kit

7. Grill/Cooler

This grill and cooler set has an outer chamber that holds the grill while the insulated and lined inner cooler compartment holds up to ten 12 oz. cans.  Perfect for the weekend traveler.

Grill and Cooler

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