A New Light Shed on Promotional Produts

By definition, a promotional product is “any item imprinted with a logo or slogan and given out to promote a company, organization, product, service, special achievement or event. T-shirts, mugs, pens and key tags are popular examples, and just about anything can be imprinted”, according to the Advertising Specialties Institute (ASI).  When you think of promotional products, what do you think of?  Pen? Coffee Mug?  T-Shirt?…Water Bottle?…How about a Sail Sign?!  No?  What about a Kitchen Scale?…Not that one either?

Well, we have a surprise for you!  There are very unique promotional items out there if you really think about it.  Let’s start with the definition, if you look closer at the definition and break it down, a few words stand out.  The beginning of the definition states: “any item imprinted with a logo or slogan”.  Any.  Item.  When you really think about it – you can add a logo to basically anything!

chocolate-light-bulbThe definition reiterates this fact when it says “just about anything can be imprinted”.  And it’s true!  The definition does not say, “just about any pen can be imprinted” or “just about any notebook can be imprinted”…just about anything can be imprinted!  So that means, promotional products could be any item that you might not think of!  Including, but not limited to: Padfolios, Staplers, Ice Cream Scoops, Cutting Boards, Scissors, Backpacks, Cars (well, with the help of custom decals).  The possibilities of what to place a logo on is infinite.

The never-ending list of items you can print your logo on is part of what makes them such great advertising tools.  Recipients remember unique.  So, if you are looking to advertise with promotional products, throw the “box” away!  You don’t need to think outside it, you don’t even need it!  Advertising with promotional products is as limited as your imagination: you can give away a chocolate replica of your office building if you wanted – we are pretty sure that will leave a lasting impression on anyone (even when the chocolate office gets devoured by your clients’ staff)!

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