3 Tricks to Using Promotional Items More Effectively

Promotional items are more than just products with logos on them, and  are way more than “free stuff” you hand out to everyone you know.  In fact, promotional products are packed with potential and give your advertising message the capability to receive repeat impressions without a repeat cost to you?  This makes promotional items great advertising investments.  With that said, if you are not seeing results with your promotional items, it may be time to rethink your strategy to effectively use the products.

So, how can a company use their promotional items more effectively for advertising purposes and ultimately grow their business?  Here are a 3 tricks to use promotional items more effectively to start seeing results.

1. Carefully Choose your Promotional Items

Since promotional items are not blatant advertisements in the faces of your audience, you want to make sure your goal is to choose products that will stay in front of your target audience the longest – meaning choose items your target audience will like enough to hold onto.  It is not uncommon and is also a good rule of thumb to purchase different promotional items for different audiences.

2. Selectively Pass Out Your Items

It is always best to have a clear approach to handing out your promotional items.  A great way to waste money and not get a response from passing out your items is to give the item to anyone and everyone.  You will have better luck if you pass out your promotional items to prospects you have already qualified (you also want to make sure you are passing out the designated item for the particular target audience).

 3. Follow Up

Promotional items are sales tools.  However you have chosen to distribute the items, make sure you contact your prospects to follow up on the item you sent/gave away.


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