Trendy Promotional Items for Golf Season

If your company is in the golf industry or if your target audience consists of those who love to spend time on the green, promotional items can help.  Whether you are exhibiting at a golf trade show, targeting golfers or sponsoring a golf tournament, now is the time to think about how to reach your audiences so you can stay in front of their minds, even while they are focusing on their game.  If you give them promotional items that they can interact with and use on the course, and even help them on the course, they will be sure to remember you.  Here are a few trendy promotional items for the golf season this year.

Mini Golf Bag

This miniature replica of a golf bag makes this kit a fun and unique giveaway. Product includes three imprinted golf balls of your choice brand (Titleist DT Solo, Nike NDX Heat or Wilson Ultra 500) and five imprinted 2 1/8″ wood tees. Bag includes metal carabiner that can be easily clipped on golf bag for convenient access. 


Chill Out Towel

This towel is perfect for those hot summer days on the golf course.  Help your clients stay cool on the green so they can focus on their game instead of the heat and they will definitely remember who gave them this valuable item.



Introducing the newest and hottest putting aid around.  The PutterWheel helps golfers practice their game and master their putting stroke and is available for customization for gifts, pro shops and more Check out the video here:

One thought on “Trendy Promotional Items for Golf Season

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