More Popular Products Turned Promotional Item

When products are launched and start to gain popularity – in the way that “everyone has one” or “everyone wants one” comes into play – the chances are that sooner or later, that product will become available as a promotional item in the advertising specialties world.  Yes, that’s right, some products that are created for retail sale can also become useful advertising tools to companies, organizations and groups.

logoed-eos-smooth-sphere-lip-balmEOS: Evolution of Smooth.  A company that started off selling Ultra Smooth Shave Cream for women and has expanded their product line to include the ever-so-popular ball shaped pod of lip balm – seriously, there are many, many girls carrying it around (called “Smooth Spheres”), – “Smooth Sticks” (another form of their 95% organic, 100% natural lip balm formula), hand lotion and body lotion.  The EOS product line has been around for a while now and as it is gaining popularity, it is only natural for companies to want to put their logo on a product that is frequently being used by women everywhere, everyday.  

coffee-pods-for-keurig-brewerKeurig(R) Brewer Machine “K-Cups”. The infamous Keurig(R) Brewer coffee machine started the single-brewed-cup of coffee (tea, hot chocolate and other beverage) revolution with their invention of the machine and it’s K-Cups. The Keurig Brewer is another one of those products that is wanted by most and used daily by many.  Now, your logo can be printed on a digital label wrap and placed on light roast coffee pods for use in Keruig(R) machines. printed on a digital label wrap.

This means that you can now go to your local promotional product distributor and purchase the EOS brand lip balm, hand lotion and body lotion and also coffee pods compatible with Keurig(R) brewers, complete with your logo imprinted on these items so you can pass it out to advertise your company with in demand products your target audience will use on a daily basis.

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