Creative Signage to Help You Stand Out

As most people know, advertising is crucial to the success of a business.  The most cost effective way to accomplish this is with the use of promotional products, also called advertising specialties.   In the past, we have talked about how giving away products to your target audience is a great way to get your marketing message, brand image, event details, etc out to the public.  But, what is the next step? When these customers show up to your place of business because they are looking for the company who gave them that awesome promotional product, will they know they are at the right place?  If you have the proper signage they will!

Signage is the best way to boost your brand image and get customers to come inside your doors.  The most obvious is to have a sign outside of your place of business that has your company name so that customers will know where to find you. However, have you considered placing separate, creative signage outside of your doors?  If you are looking for something more creative and would like to think outside the box, we have the answers for you.

Sidewalk signs are highly popular for brick and mortar businesses.  These types of signs allow for advertisements that can entice customers who are passing by to come right in and check out your merchandise.  The different types of “sidewalk signs” are:

1. Classic Sidewalk Sign

Signage Display Kit

This outdoor sign gives you the ability to replace and flip corrugated plastic signs quickly and easily.

This sign also has a built-in handle so you will be able to easily carry it anywhere you need it to be.

Perfect for ongoing sales and advertisements that do not change daily.

2. “Sandwich” Sign

chalkboard sidewalk sign

This sign is a chalkboard sign that gives you the ability to change up your advertisements as much as you would like.

You can write daily specials, current sales, advertisements and more so passer by-ers will know what to expect when they come to your business.

This sign can function as an indoor or outdoor sign.  Available blank or with your company’s logo imprinted at the top.

3. Sidewalk Decal 

Sidewalk Decal

It has been proven that sidewalk decals are an effective guerrilla marketing technique.  You can place these custom stencils right where you need them most.

There are two different kinds of sidewalk decals:


The first (pictured), is a stencil that is applied with spray chalk when you are looking for a temporary promotion.


The second, called Event-Trac, is a decal made with a super adhesive that sticks directly to clean, dry concrete and asphalt.  This also works as a temporary advertisement.

A final type of signage that does not fall into the category of a “sidewalk” sign is an automotive decal.  We have talked about the “walking billboard” theory, in which a customer wears your company’s custom t-shirt, backpack, bag, hat and other apparel displaying your advertisement wherever they go, you can do the same as well.  Yes, you could wear your own apparel, but you could also place advertisements on your company car.  Here are the different options:

1. Car Decal


A car decal is a type of vinyl that can be custom created to look like any any logo, graphic, text, etc that you would like to be placed onto your car.

Car decals are not completely permanent, as they can be removed.  However, once removed they cannot be reapplied.  There are two choices for car vinyl:

Die Cut

Die cut vinyl is vinyl that is cut and placed onto your vehicle in the spot you want it to be.


For a larger image, text or graphics, sometimes it is better to wrap your vehicle with an all over vinyl.

2. Car Magnet

Car MagnetA car magnet is a heavy duty magnet that can be placed onto your vehicle and removed at any time you would like.  This way you can advertise your business at your choosing.

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