3 Ways to Use Custom Packaging to Your Advantage

The goal of a promotional marketing campaign, usually, is to stand out from your competitors to get noticed and have your company’s name in the forefront of your customer’s mind.  Not only does this take a little creative thinking and planning, it takes a creative promotional product, too.  

Now, what if I told you that you could take this process a step further if you used creative packaging to stand out?  Yes, that is right, the way you package your promotional products can make a difference in how your target audiences view your brand, too!  In fact, a great first impression starts with the way you “present” your promotional products to your target audience and custom packaging can help you with this.  Here are three ideas of how to use custom packaging to your advantage:

Direct Mailer

direct-mailerYou have decided to ship out a few direct mail pieces to your target audience.  Let’s say you choose to mail out a cool new multi-function pen.  Since this is a direct-mail piece, you would want your audience to be intrigued by its packaging, compelling them to open the package, and receive their free gift and your marketing message.  So, you decide to choose a custom box that can be branded with your company’s logo and marketing message, perhaps a call to action to open the box for a free gift.  

Sample Kit

sample-kitSample kits can be used by companies that sell multiple products.  When prospects and customers inquire about your products and you would like them to try the products before they buy, why not send them samples of your products?  In fact, why not send a few of your products showcased in a custom presentation box?  

If sent in a presentation box, you will give them that “wow” factor you are looking for and your prospects will be more excited about your products because it will look like you are excited about them too.    

Thank You’s

custom-gift-card-boxLet’s say your company sends out a small promotional item after each sale to thank clients and show your appreciation.  You know you have the perfect promotional product to send out, but do you have the perfect way to send it?  When you want your customers to be impressed with the product you sent them, you may want to consider doubling the effect by sending your promotional item in a small custom box instead of shipping it in a plain flat-rate box from the post office.

This way, your “thank you gift” will stand out better.  Not only will your thank you gift make a good impression, it will make a great impression on all of your new and current customers. 

The best part of custom packaging is that it comes in a variety of different shapes, sizes and styles.  You have the option to choose the colors and imprint on the outside and inside of the boxes, the type of filler to place in the box to make sure your products are secure (foam, fiberboard, CD hub, business card sleeve, etc.) and you can also choose to add on the extras like Velcro closures or a handle for your boxes.  Remember, when you want to make a great presentation out of your promotional products, custom packaging is the way to go!


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