How Automotive Companies Can Build Customer Relationships with Promotional Items

If you own a business in the automotive industry and are looking for creative ways to advertise your place of business and drive more customers to your doors, promotional items are the way to go.  Whether you are looking for giveaways as incentives or appreciation gifts, promotional products can help you encourage sales and build customer relationships at the same time.

Giveaway Incentives

These tags pull apart and can easily be clipped to other buckles. Each side includes a split ring and features an imprinted logo or message.

Giveaways are a great way to instigate your current and prospect customers come in and pay a visit. Gifts like frisbees with a wheel imprint, custom made car air fresheners imprinted with “hang me in your brand new [freshly cleaned, tuned up, etc.] car” or a cup holder organizer can be mailed or passed out to clients to invite them to stop by your place of business.  This incentive program works even better when you give two small items: one item is mailed out and notifies recipient they will receive the second item when they stop by.  

Giveaway products work great when you want to thank customers for coming into your place of business and purchasing a product or service, also known as a “gift with purchase”.

Products like USB car chargers“buckle-up” keytags, and sunglass visor clips can work to your advantage in this instance because customers will be able to accessorize these items with their vehicle.

Appreciation Gifts

It is also possible to build stronger customer relationships with your most loyal customers.  When you feel it is time to reach out to these customers and thank them for their continued business and loyalty to your company, higher end gifts like our broad selection of automotive kits such as emergency kits, first aid kits, fuel conservation kits and roadside kits. Trunk organizers (CarGo Cooler, pictured below) are also useful and helpful to your customers, and will definitely show your gratitude.

Combination cooler and trunk organizer. Removable cooler with leak-proof insulated PEVA lining. All pieces fold flat for storage. Gusseted exterior pockets for additional storage. Sturdy comfort-grip handles.

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