Promotions to Help You Get Ready for “Plant a Flower Day”

March 12 is National “Plant a Flower Day”.  A great way to stand out from other businesses and organizations like yours is to use promotional items to celebrate the smaller, un-traditional holidays.  Many of these “un-traditional” holidays can provide fun-themes to engage your customer base and target audience in creative ways. For example, send a direct mail piece to remind your clients about your products and services or send out products as small “end of first quarter” thank you gifts.  Need some ideas?  Here are a few examples of products that will be fun, engaging and relevant to a unique holiday.

1. Seed Packet

In honor of plant a flower day, give your clients and target audience the essentials they need to literally plant a flower.  Choose from a variety of different flowers for your customers to plant: Marigolds, Giant Zinnia’s, American Spirits, Johnny Jump-Ups, Shasta Daisy’s, Cosmos Seeds, Wildflowers and more.


2. Seed Paper Bookmark

Not only is this product useful for the avid reader, it also doubles as an eco-friendly product.  When your client is done using the bookmark, they can plant it in the ground instead of throwing it away.  Available in many different shapes and sizes to fit your company’s brand or marketing theme.


3. Mini Watering Can Blossom Kit

Give your clients the resources to plant a seed indoors while they watch the flowers they planted grow indoors over the next few months and think of your company every time they see this mini watering can.  This is the perfect thank you gift that will keep you in the front of your clients’ minds.




2 thoughts on “Promotions to Help You Get Ready for “Plant a Flower Day”

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