Customize Your Apparel to the Next Level

ribbon belts

There are a variety of decorating techniques marketers use to spruce up their company’s logoed apparel – whether it be to uniform employees or to give away at an event.  The most common techniques are screenprinting and embroidery.  Next to these, are dye-sublimation and direct to garment printing.

Now, there is a new interesting way to decorate your company apparel.  You can now take your apparel to the next level by adding ribbon belts to your garments and other products. Ribbon belts are polyester strips that are sublimated to create a design you choose.  After they are printed, ribbon belts are sewn onto the item to create a unique look.  For example, ribbon belts can be sewn onto the placket of a polo or jacket after they are customized with the design of your choosing.

While the most popular items to add a ribbon belt to are the placket of a polo or jacket, you can also choose from the inside collar of a jacket or polo, the back strap/adjuster on a hat, around the top part of a bag, around a key strap and even on a belt.  

Choosing to design your company’s apparel in this fashion gives you the opportunity to be different and creative and will definitely help your company stand out.

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