3 Useful Heavy Duty Promotional Products Your Clients will Appreciate

Not only are promotional products are a great way to increase brand recognition they also allow you to creatively reach out to potential clients.  Promotional products are great because of their versatility in appealing to every type of target market.  You could be targeting stay at home mom’s, white collar execs, or even up and coming start ups. But, what happens when you need your marketing plan to roll up its sleeves and get down and dirty?  Say, for instance, you are targeting the construction, painting, plumbing, electrical markets, etc.  How would you go about marketing to them?

We will give you an answer: choose from a selection of heavy duty promotional products that are great for those who have to work out in the elements or get their hands dirty.

Stainless Steel Double Walled Thermos

stainless steel thermos with handle

Give this gift to clients so they can keep warm in the winter or cool in the summertime.  This stainless steel double walled thermos Double-walled thermos has a brushed stainless steel interior with a gray,blue and orange plastic trim.

It features a vacuum closing lid and the insulated stainless steel cup.  Both these features both help keep beverages at the right temperature.

The adjustable webbed shoulder strap and retractable heavy duty handle makes it easy for the recipient to carry this item with them wherever they are, especially when they are always on the go.

Premium Leather Work Gloves

glovesGive clients a gift they will appreciate and use throughout the year: our most durable and heavy duty gloves.

These work gloves feature a palm and thumb patch, a hang-up loop and a shirred elastic back. 

Made of premium suede, cowhide leather.  They give the opprotunity to heat transfer your company’s logo on the back so your logo stays with your customer every time they are looking to use these durable gloves.

Lava Bar Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

heavy-duty hand cleaner

Remember how we talked about getting down and dirty with your marketing campaign?  Help your clients get squeaky clean with this Lava Brand hand cleaner.

The Lava Bar Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner is an American Icon. Originally developed in 1893, Lava has earned the reputation as the brand to use on extremely dirty hands. Grease, grime, oil, tar, ink, paint, glue, resins, adhesives, caulk – Lava cleans it all! Wrapped in the iconic green Lava label.

Your clients will be thankful they were able to get the days grease and dirt off of their hands, thanks to you! 

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