4 Handy Promotional Items for Insurance Companies

One of the most popular promotional items used by the insurance industry are Insurance Card Holders.  These handy holders are perfect for advertising the agency or company as well as creating goodwill towards customers.  They create goodwill by giving recipients a safe and efficient place to keep their important documents in case of emergency.  What’s more is these insurance card holders come complete with foil-stamped personalization to give these items a professional look.

With four different styles to choose from, insurance companies are sure to impress customers.

1. Simple Insurance Card Holder

One of the more simple holders, this item will still leave an impression as it offers personalization on the front and a large clear pocket on the back for proof of insurance cards.


2. Insurance Holder with Business Card Pocket

This item has a full sized clear pocket on the back to keep insurance cards and a clear business card pocket on the front to keep an insurance agent’s business card.


3. Insurance Card Holder with 8 “What To Do At The Scene Of An Auto Accident” instructions

Same style as the Simple Insurance Card Holder, this item offers a large clear pocket on the back with a company imprint and Auto Accident instructions on the front.


4. Insurance Card Holder Kit

This tri-fold item has a full-size clear pocket for insurance card on the back with “Important Automobile Insurance Information” including instructions for “What To Do At The Scene Of An Auto Accident”.  It also includes a 6-panel Accident Report Guide guide that also offers space for diagramming an accident and collecting information on all involved vehicles.


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