Fanny Pack vs. Hips-Sister Pack: Which One Would You Wear?


In the late 1980’s to early 90’s the fanny pack came into popularity as people started to wear them for the sheer convenience of a hands-free pouch that could store belongings.  While the fanny pack had a variety of different names (“hip pack”, “hip sack”, “belt bag” and a “bum bag” to name a few), the design and overall concept of a fanny pack has remained the same.

A fanny pack is zippered pouch with an adjustable strap that is fastened around a person’s waist.  The pouch part can be worn on the front of a person’s body or fastened to sit on their hips.  While this accessory is known more for its functionality than worn for a fashion statement (creates an awkward bulge on your front, hip or wherever you position it), many people still use the fanny pack today.

Now, there is a new “fanny pack” in town.  Sonia Kanner, founder of the HipS-Sister Pack “strived to fulfill an alternative option that is fashionable, functionable, and flattering because there was nothing out there that suited her,” according to their website,

The HipS-Sister completely renovated the fanny pack by making it simple, cute and completely stylish.  Here is the “blueprint” of the functionality of the HipS-Sister from their website:

hips-sister pack

hips-sister-packAs you can see, there are no more buckles and no more bulge and sometimes you can hardly tell someone is wearing one.  These new-wave “fanny packs” are not only updated to fit cell phones and iPods, but there are separate pockets for these valuable items that would otherwise get scratched by keys or other items stored in the same pocket.

What’s more is the HipS-Sister pack comes in a variety of different colors, and there is even room to add your logo for a complete customized experience.

We want to know what you think!  Which one would you choose to wear?Do you still wear a fanny pack?  If yes, would you consider switching to the HipS-Sister?  If you are not a fan of fanny packs, would you wear a HipS-Sister?

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