5 Things You Need to Implement a Health and Wellness Program in the Workplace

Health and Wellness programs are gaining popularity in the workplace to promote a healthy lifestyle with the support of the company an employee works for and an employee’s fellow co-workers.  Some examples of a Health and Wellness program are Fitness Challenges, Walking Clubs, Health Education, Preventative Screenings, Stress Management Seminars, Nutrition Building, Safety Awareness and Anti-Tobacco/Alcohol Campaigns.

If you are interested in starting a Health and Wellness program in your establishment, here are 5 things you will need to implement a Health and Wellness program in the workplace.

1. Assess Employees’ Key Health Issues

First, you need to assess the main issues your employees face that have to deal with their health and fitness that currently incur health care costs and low productivity rates for your company.

2. Get Managers on Board

Next, inform managers about their role in the program which will be to teach and motivate their team.  Make sure managers are clear on what you expect from them and how to approach employees with the program.

3. Kick-Off

To start the program company-wide, create an event or promotional giveaway that will not only mark the official start, but will also motivate and inspire employees to participate.

4. Rewards and Recognition

Promotional gifts can be used to help employees reach their goals.  Creating a tiered program with higher value incentives as employees meet each goal will drive employees to reach a final, larger goal in the end.

5. Closing Celebration

At the end of the program, plan an awards ceremony to award employees for a job well done.  For example, highlight the number of employees who kept up with the program for the most consecutive days.

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