Compare and Contrast: USB Flash Drives

USB Flash Drive and Flash Drive Bracelet
A USB Flash Drive (left) and A USB Flash Drive Bracelet (right)

A flash drive is a flash drive. Right?  There are many promotional products out there that may have one main function, and then added functions to give it more use.  These are called combination products.  In this post, we are going to compare two flash drives that are similar but different.  One is a regular flash drive and one is a combination flash drive.

In the picture above, what noticeable differences, between the two products, do you see?

First, the product on the left is a regular USB flash drive and the one on the right is a USB flash drive/silicone bracelet.  Is one more effective than the other?  Yes and no.  It would depend on the nature of your promotional product campaign and your specific target markets.  In one of our earlier posts, “How To Get the Most Out of Promotional Products” we talk about how you need to aim products toward your target market to get the best results.  As you always want to keep in mind your target market, we are going to forget about target markets for now and only focus on comparing the two products for all intents and purposes.


Both of these flash drives can:

  • have the same amount of disk space
  • have a customized imprint
  • come in a variety of colors


The differences between the two flash drives are:

  • The flash drive on the left is not easily distinguishable in a pile of other flash drives
  • The flash drive on the right has an extra use to it as it doubles as a flash drive and a bracelet
  • The flash drive on the left can be thrown on a key ring to keep with one’s keys
  • The flash drive on the right can be seen as a fashionable item

Although the flash drive bracelet is still a flash drive, the fact that it is a bracelet gives it an additional function.  If you were trying to run a promotion for college students vs. giving it to a high level executive, this product may be better for students because it can be considered a fashionable item.

Basically, you want to take into consideration the extra functions of the product.  While combination products might seem “cool”, you want to weigh the similarities and differences in the product as one difference can change your campaign.  By being able to see how one difference in a product can change the products’ function, you will be able to not just choose a “flash drive” (or other product), you will be able to choose the right flash drive.

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