Incentive Program: Gift with Purchase

Gift with Purchase
Sample “Gift with Purchase” Coupon (note: not a valid coupon)

We have all seen it before: “FREE GIFT if you purchase x amount of products or spend x amount of dollars or more with our company”.  This is your typical Gift with Purchase (GWP) marketing campaign.  What is the big hype about giving away a free gift when a consumer purchases merchandise?  Two things: 1. Everyone loves getting free stuff and 2. Companies love showing their customers that they appreciate their business.  When you add them together: companies love showing customers they appreciate them, so they give away a free gift because they know their customer will love getting something back for free after they make a purchase (aahh, the beauty of incentive buying/selling).

While some companies give away free samples of other products they sell for their customers to test and use, another option could be to giveaway a branded promotional item that their customer could use on a regular basis.  This is even better because the company could give away a branded promotional item that their customer could use along with the product they just bought.

Here are a few examples of a Gift With Purchase Promotion:

  • A grocery store can give away a free reusable grocery tote (with the store’s logo) for customers who spend x amount of money (or more) on groceries.
  • A doughnut shoppe could offer a free coffee tumbler (with the company’s logo) with the purchase of x amount of doughnuts.
  • Give away a sunglass visor clip (with the company’s logo) after customers buys x pairs of your sunglasses.

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