A Recipe for Promotional Success

The kitchen is the number one place people keep their promotional products.  According to the Promotional Products Association International’s (PPAI) promotional study, 91% of people have at least one promotional product in their kitchen.

If you look around your own kitchen, you will probably have some of the more generic cookie cutter products like logoed magnets, chip clips, tumblers, coffee mugs and pens or pencils.  With all the promotional products that are around, is it possible to get your product noticed in the kitchen?  Of course it is!  All you need is a little outside of the box thinking.  Some of the products that are sure to get you noticed are oven mitts, kitchen utensils and cook Promotional Oven Mittsbooks.  These products are great to hand out as appreciation gifts to clients or as part of a promotional campaign.

Oven mitts are great products that can be used for thanking customers or as part of a promotional campaign.  To give the oven mitt a classy look, you can embroider your logo onto the mitt before giving it to your customers.  Pair your logo with another embroidered design to fit your campaign, or with words of appreciation (such as “thanks for…”) and your customer will be sure to frequently use the mitt.

Bamboo Utensil SetKitchen utensils are great products to give out since they will more than likely be used a few times a week.  You can either hand out separate utensils with imprints on the handles, or you could give a complete utensil kit (with imprints on the holder) as a gift.  This way, your customers can think of you each time they use your special utensil or they will be able to keep the utensil holder on their counter tops to be reminded your company every time they cook with your set.

Finally, a customizable cook book also makes for a great higher end gift.  With a customizable cook book, you will be able to design a catchy cover in addition to just adding your logo.  Your customer will be able to store all of their favorite recipes in the book and will be sure to remember your company every time they add a recipe or pull the book out to prepare a tasty dish.

Since the kitchen is the number one place people keep their promotional items, you will definitely stand out if you are not giving away the same old cookie cutter products of your competitors.  Instead, imprinting your logo on useful products your customers will more than likely use every day will give you a better chance of standing out.

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