How To Stand Out At Your Next Trade Show

A trade show can be a wonderful event where your company has a chance showcase itself.  No matter what type of company you have, there is one thing all trade show exhibitors have in common: they want to stand out to the trade show attendees.  Promotional products can help you stand out from all other booths if you make the right choice in which product to you choose to hand out.

First off, try to pick products that are unique.  The most popular trade show giveaway items are totes, pens and notebooks.  These are the three products that you should avoid like the plague…you want to be different, right?  So, now that you have avoided blending in with the crowd, you need to make sure that you are handing out products that are useful.  This way, attendees can use them over and over throughout the trade show and/or later on at home or the office (making you more popular than the rest).

Of course you should always stick to products that fit your industry or the theme of your booth.  But, here are a few useful products that will surely help you get your company to stand out from the rest.



Hand Sanitizer Spray

Credit Card Style Hand Sanitizer Spray

Lip Balm with Caddy and Attached Carabiner 

Lip Balm Caddy with Carabiner

To kick your product up a notch, try adding a QR code or Social SnapTag, so attendees can scan these codes to interact with your company in any way that fits your needs.  For example, if you want attendees to easily add your contact information to their smartphone or even get direct access to your website, add a QR code to the product with either your contact information or website or both.  Or, you can add a SnapTag if you wanted to give attendees an incentive, discount coupon or enter them into a raffle to win a prize for connecting with you on Facebook or Twitter.

Choosing the right promotional products to hand out at your company’s next trade show will help you stand out from other exhibitors.  Just remember to stick to useful products that relate to your theme or industry and avoid common products like totes, notebooks and pens.

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