Promotional Products Help Conquer Flu Bugs

Its flu season! Everyone take cover! Employees everywhere are, or at least should be, taking the necessary precautions to try to avoid illness – especially with the holiday season upon us.  Flu season always presents a great opportunity for employers to improve employee relations by promoting a healthier workplace.

A great way to promote healthy employees is to give employees the necessary tools that will allow them to stay healthy.  Tools like hand sanitizer, awareness magnets and antibacterial wipes are a few wellness items that can help prevent the spread of germs around the office.  Now for the fun part: brand these with your company name and an inspiring message or tips on how employees can stay healthy during the flu/cold season and voila!  You will notice happier, healthier employees that will be able to work hard, miss fewer days of work and enjoy the holiday season to its fullest!

Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

anti-bacterial-hand-gelHelp your employees fight germs on the go with this handy bottle of antibacterial hand sanitizer. This 2 oz. bottle with carabiner attachment features a choice between blue or pink colored gel.
Small enough to carry around in any purse or bag, this sanitizer is a great promotional product for companies who want their employees to stay healthy. Customize with a four-color or spot color imprint and hand out at your next company meeting.


Awareness Magnet

Spread the word, not disease, with awareness magnets.  You can help employees stay healthy this cold and flu season by informing them on the different cold and flu symptoms.  

This 4″ x 7″ Kleenex box shaped magnet is non-toxic and USA made with stock graphics on common symptoms of a cold, the flu and allergies. 


Sanitizing Wipes

sanitizer-wipesThis 30-pack of hand sanitizer wipes come in a small and portable canister your employees can take with them when they are on the go.  Add your full color logo and tips on how to stay healthy and this could be your employees next best friend.

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