Send Promotional Gifts to Clients to Recognize Important Moments

It is always nice to know someone is thinking of you.  Even your clients like to know that they are being thought of during special moments in their life.  So, if you are one to pay attention to you clients’ milestones, birthdays and other important moments in their personal and business life, think about sending them a promotional gift to show them they are in your thoughts.

Here are a few examples of the types of promotional gifts you can send to clients for any highlight in their life.

Custom Personal Gifts

1. Birthday

Keep note of when your clients’ birthday is coming up and don’t just drop them a card in the mail, send them a “magical” card.  When recipients open this card, amber-colored LED lighted candles flickers like the real thing.  The best part?  When your client makes a wish and blows out their candles, the “magic” candles snuff out!

Birthday Card

2. Birth of a New Baby

If your client is a female, welcome the new arrival by sending Oreo(R) cookies dipped in White, Dark or Milk Chocolate and then decorated with edible confetti and baby decorations.

New Baby Gift

If your client is a male, send custom labeled cigars in a custom cedar box.

Custom Cigars and Custom Box

Custom Business Gifts

3. Company Anniversaries

If your clients’ organization has been in business for 10, 25, 50, 75 or 100 years, send a highly unique, three dimensional sculpture hand crafted from an individual’s or company’s business cards to show you recognize this professional milestone.  This gift comes with a 4 lined personalized plate and double acid free matting and a shadow wood box frame.

3-D Sculpture Award

4. Moving to/Opening a New Office

If your client is opening up a new location or moving to a different one, sending a cheese and cracker gift set as a “housewarming” gift, will be a gift everyone in the office can enjoy.

Cheese, Crackers and Snack Basket

5. Career Milestones

If your clients’ organization was recognized and given an award, recognize and congratulate them further by sending a refined pen and card stand to accentuate a home or office desk.  This business card holder in particular features chrome pillars mounted on a clear base and is accented by a black ad chrome plate.

Business Card and Pen Holder Desk

By sending your clients a quick gift during important personal and business moments, you will surely make them feel that you appreciate and recognize them, their organization and their accomplishments.

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