Doing Tradeshows and Live Events The Right Way

checklistHave you ever exhibited at a tradeshow or hosted a live event that did not turn out the way you hoped it would?  You planned for months and months thinking about how “this event is going to be EPIC!”, but once the event is over, you are feeling less than enthused and decide to eat the cost and move on, hoping that “next year it will be better”.

I don’t mean to step on any toes, but when you are in that situation, have you ever thought that you may not have prepared as much as you should have?  Maybe you did prepare, but you had no idea how prepared you actually had to be.

No worries, we have a 4 step process that can give you the boost you need to maximize your results at your next event.

1.Prepare For Success

This includes knowing what type of event you are going to showcase your brand (ex: tradeshow, live event), knowing your audience and an estimated percentage of your audience who are attending the event and your budget.

2. Get the Word Out

It is always best to make some noise before your event to let people know where you will be and why they should even take the time to come see you.

3.  Marketing at the Event

When the day of the event has come, don’t think you are free and clear.  You still need to work your magic and still promote your company with unique contests and demonstrations that will help set you apart from everyone else who is there, especially those who are your competitors.

4. Followup, Followup, Followup!

I cannot stress this enough, the majority of people do not followup after a live event or tradeshow and that, to me, is a shame because what you are doing is, is leaving money on the table!  Always followup because you never know who will give you feedback, testimonials and even business.

If you follow this simple framework, that is half the battle.  Actually making this framework work for your and you brand, is event better and will help you set yourself apart, stand out, gain more visibility and maximize your ROI.


Mid Summer Blues? Cheer Up! Tradeshow Season Is Coming Soon!

We made it to August!

Some may mourn the fact that Summer is almost over while others are saying summer technically doesn’t end until September 22nd – the “official” first day of Fall.

Whichever side of the road you are on, the fact of the matter is today, it is still summer!  That sounds like the middle ground route to take, don’t you think?

So, now that we are all on the same page of focusing on the present, here’s the current situation:

Tradeshow season is upon us!

With that said, I want to let you in on a secret we have been keeping: Antina has been busy working on something big!  Something that will help you more than ever, with your Tradeshows and Live Events.  maximize

We call it: Event Maximizer.

Event Maximizer is a new service we will be launching this month that will help exhibitors at tradeshows and hosts of live events not only stand out but gain a return on your investment.  We are in the process of finalizing details and we will let you know sooner than later when exactly our new program will be launched.

So, stay tuned.  Especially if you are planning to host an upcoming Live Event or if you are planning on sponsoring a conference or Tradeshow that involves your company exhibiting your products and services.


3 Ways Using Promotional Products Can Leave a Lasting Impression

Since promotional products are tangible and useful, recipients hold onto them – sometimes for long periods of time – which translates to, they are holding onto your advertisement!  So, when using  promotional products as advertising mediums you want to make sure you are using them to your benefit, so they leave a lasting impression long after your target audience received the product from you. To ensure this happens, we have provided 3 ways using promotional products can leave a lasting impression.

1. Direct Mail

Using promotional products with direct mail is beneficial because your mailer can be dramatically increased with 3D packaging.  As an added bonus, you can send something the recipient can interact with for greater brand recall.

2. Tradeshows

If you are ever in a situation where you and most of your competitors are all under one roof for multiple hours, you might be at a tradeshow.  What do you do in a situation like that? Well, stand out of course!  In order to stand out with promotional products in this situation is to give away a unique item that will engage your prospects making you the buzz around the showroom.

3. Seminar Gifts

When you host a conference, seminar or give a presentation, it is a great idea to leave your audience with a tangible takeaway along with the wealth of knowledge they are taking away from the day.  Not only does the gift serve as a thank you, it can also serve as an advertisement and a reminder of what they learned from you.

How To Make Your Next Tradeshow As Fierce As Lady Gaga

If you have ever been an attendee at a tradeshow you know how overpowering the show floor can be from the time you walk in until the time you walk out.  What, with the 100’s of vendor booths and the crowds of people, who wouldn’t be overwhelmed?

In a few weeks, it will be time to start preparing for the Spring Tradeshow Season.  Besides having an awesome looking tradeshow display, what is your plan?

As a vendor at a tradeshow, knowing about an attendee’s struggle is only a fraction of the battle.  Why?  Because you want to find out how to get that overwhelmed attendee to remember you and in order to do this, you need to focus on creating a plan of action that includes providing brand awareness of our product or service, collect qualified leads and followup so you stand out from the rest of the vendors.  Some may say you want to make your tradeshow campaign as fierce as Lady Gaga to make them remember you!  So, here are some tricks:

1. Create a Strategy – lay it all out on the table.  Figure out the ins and outs of the entire show from finding out how to engage your company with your target audience to even marketing yourself to other exhibitors.

2. Market Before the Show – this is crucial to generate interest before the show so attendees will make it a point to see you when they get to the show.  A few ways to do this is through direct mail, social media and your email signature.

3. Create an Experience for Attendees – Not only do you want to attract visitors, you want to engage and educate them.  Be create here and give them an experience they will not forget!

4. Collect Information – A special offer provides a way for you to stay in contact with attendees. Create a special offer incentive in exchange for your visitors’ information.

5. Follow Up! – This is a crucial step to exhibiting a tradeshow.  Why go through all the above steps, including collecting contact information if you do not plan to use that information afterward? Some ways you can follow up are by simply calling your prospects, send out prizes, materials, samples or thank you letters for stopping by your booth.

If you take that extra step to become bold and fierce to stand out, make sure you strategically plan your tradeshow, your chances of having a successful tradeshow experience will be greater than if you showed up and left your promo items sitting on the table.

Top 10 Antina Blogs of 2014

Every year we like to compile a “best of” list of our favorite blogs.  This year, we came up with a list of 10 blogs we felt deserved to be recognized.  So, since we are all about to count down the hours, minutes and seconds until we ring in the new year, let’s count down the top 10 Antina blogs of 2014!

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2. Components To An Effective Direct Mail Piece That Will Get A Response

1. The Art of Standing Out In Advertising

Hope you have a safe, joyous and HAPPY NEW  YEAR!

Is It Time To Update Your Tradeshow Display?

It’s time to dust off your company’s logoed tablecloths, retractor banners and table top displays….tradeshow season is upon us!  If you frequent the tradeshow floor you know that one of the things you need is an eye catching display.  This ensures potential leads will drift your way, and you will get a chance to tell them about the great products and services you offer.  But, how do you know when it is time to update your display? Here are 3 ways to tell if you need to freshen up your display.

1. Outdated Information

Maybe your company recently added new products and services that are not reflected on your tradeshow display.  Maybe your display does not reflect the most unique aspect of your company.  Or maybe there is outdated information such as phone numbers, email addresses, websites, etc. that need to be changed.  In either case, this is the number one reason to change your display because you want to reflect the most relevant aspects of your business along with updated contact information.

2. Your Display Has “Seen Better Days”

After exhibiting at a number of tradeshows, you might think to yourself “Gosh, this display has seen better days”.  This is normal considering the amount of times you have had to set up, tear down and transport your display.  If you notice a little wear and tear, it is a great time to invest in another display that will give your company a fresh, clean look.  Plus, if your floor display is falling over, or your banner will not stand straight, you will want to consider safety as an opportunity to refresh your look.

3. Your Display is Not Getting Enough Attention

If your display is in great shape and is up to date, maybe you are noticing you are not getting enough of a response, or the response you would like at your tradeshow, you may want to ask yourself the following questions: “Does my display look too much like everyone else’s?”, “Is my display too plain?”, “Are my competitors getting more attention than I am?”.  Some of these questions may indicate you need to update your booth because you want to stand out instead of blend in, you want an eye catching design to attract attendees and you definitely want to stand out from your competitors.

All in all, your tradeshow booth is supposed to showcase and highlight your company’s best attributes.  But, if your booth looks outdated or is not working for you, then your investment will not help you as it should.  So, if you feel your display is outdated, worn out or is not working for you, you should definitely consider making a new investment that will work for your company as much as your old display used to.