The Legend Story of Antina Promotions

books-683901_1920I was recently asked what I thought my Legend Story would say.  At first, this was not an easy story to tell because it is hard to think about years in the future when I would be gone.  But then I thought, I may physically be gone, but my legend, my legacy will still move on.

So, I would like to share, with you, what I wrote.  I hope that some day Antina Promotions will reflect the same values and beliefs I hold.

The Legend Story of Antina Promotions

It wasn’t easy being her, she had to put up with a lot of crap from a lot of people, but she never let it break her spirits. She knew the only way to move past all the hardships and all the hurt was to keep on moving because “action slays the noise”, and boy did she ever slay!

To say she inspired me and everyone that had the privilege to know her would be an understatement. She would always encourage everyone to shine to their fullest potential. To be different. Or, rather, To be bold, think big and stand out!

You see, Christina always wanted to inspire people to take action. Any action. She always believed that if you werent happy, you needed to shake things up a little bit. Do something different that you wouldn’t normally do. Do anything it took to find your happiness. That was the whole point of life to her, to find your happiness and own it.

She always said “There’s no point in being stuck in the same old boring routine day in and day out. You have the power to make your own decisions, you mind as well choose to to be happy. So, stop overthinking, stop worrying you will make the wrong choice and just do something. Anything. Anything that will allow you to live to your fullest potential in every capacity. Anything that will make you happy.”

With that mentality, Christina was happy and it was because she worked so hard at making her life the way she wanted it to be.

Which brings me to, Antina Promotions. A real life reflection of the values she believed in.


That’s why I am standing here, telling you this story today, because I know, Christina, my ancestor, would be happy to know, I am happy taking over as a 3rd Generation CEO of Antina Promotions to continue her legacy of helping others shine in their brand.