4 Steps to Promoting a Trade Show or Live Event to Increase Results

think-aboutIf you are going to be promoting your presence at a trade show or promoting a live event you are hosting, ask yourself these questions:

-Do you spend a lot of time planning your event, but feel your efforts do not pay off as much as you would like them to?

-Do you have an Event Promotion Strategy that will help you map out your goals and the steps needed to reach those goals?

If you think you do spend enough time planning your event, but are not too happy with the results, perhaps you need to tweak your strategy so you can maximize your results.

If you did not create a strategy, maybe that’s the key?

What if I told you there is an easy solution tho both issues?  The following 4 steps will help you learn how to promote a trade show or live event to increase results.

  1. You need to basically audit your previous events and assess what happened at previous events to find out what worked, what did not work so great and what can be improved.
  2. You need to create an action plan to define your goals and how to reach those goals.
  3. You need to apply the strategy you created
  4. You need to analyze your results and find out what worked, what did not work so great and what can be improved on next time, and why.

If you would like more information on piecing the strategy together for promoting your live events or trade shows, we have a free guide that will give you 4 questions you need to ask yourself when planning to promote your next trade show or live event. Download the free guide here


Perking Up with Promotional Products

Coffee, the life force that drives many Americans.  Who doesn’t love a good cup of rich and bold coffee to wake you up in the morning, keep you going through a long day, or top off a delicious dessert.  It is no secret that people love coffee which is why it makes such a great topic of promotion and is why coffee items make great promotional gifts to clients.  Here are a few ideas to get your next promotion brewing.

1. Coffee Pods

This 18 count of coffee pods comes presented in a white gift box. Each pod is individually labeled and also includes a label on the front of the box. These DUBCUP18COcoffee pods are for use in your single serve coffee brewer, making them ideal at home or the office. Bring this welcome gift with you when visiting valued clients and show the added “perk” of working with your company!





2. Travel Mug

Travel mugs are a great idea for clients or employees that commute or have to travel often.  For example this curvy acrylic two tone travel mug has a double wall thermal stainless steel insulation, chrome accent top and sipping slider lid. It also fits most ATM345automobile cup holders.








3. A Coffee and Mug Gift Set

Why not throw a little bit of both together for them in one great package.  Tucked within an 11 oz. mug is a packet of kosher, gourmet coffee for CMF500-Eyour enjoyment. Available in 6 beloved flavors, one pack of this kosher product conveniently makes one pot of coffee. Both the mug and pouch of coffee can be imprinted with your name, logo or message.



Get Your Promotional Products To Work Out For You

Fitness is an idea that many people know that they need to embrace yet found it hard to dedicate themselves to it.  That may have been true at one point, but it is no secret now that being healthy does not have to be such a chore.  There are always new workouts, diets, gyms and fitness clubs, or activities to participate in to get you into shape.  The popularity of one activity that has grown so much in recent years is running.  I am sure that you have seen the adds for fun runs, 5k’s, 10k’s, and themed runs.  These are great events to get your brand in the public’s eye.  These events are always a great time for all that participate and promotional products could be a valuable keepsake that the participants would keep for as long as possible.  Here are some great ideas to get your next promotion up and running!

1. Cell phone/MP3 player Arm Band

This item is designed to hold both Apple and most Android devices.  The adjustable armband is made of high-performance neoprene for superior comfort and a secure fit.  It also features a high-visibility reflector for safety if you are running, walking, or riding when visibility is not the best.  Definitely a must have for any one that will be hitting the gym or the jogging/biking trails.






2. Pedometer

Pedometers are a given when it comes to promoting to runners or fitness nuts!  This pedometer is a useful tool that will keep track of your walking activity each day.   It tracks your steps, calories burned and distance walked each day.  The handy clip easily attaches the pedometer to a waistband or belt.



3. Performance Apparel

Performance apparel has come a long way from just cotton tank tops and t-shirts to stylish apparel that can have moisture wicking, antimicrobial and Eco-friendly properties.  For example, the left racer-back tank that is shown to the left is  67% bamboo lyocell, 29% cotton, and 4% spandex. Bamboo has natural inherent properties that wick moisture and is naturally anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and breathable with no added chemical treatments. StretchFlex (TM) technology provides garment with comfort, freedom of movement, lasting recovery and a great fit.


The Marketing Side of Promotional Products

4-PsWhen you think of marketing with promotional products, what do you think of?  Products with logos on them?  Giveaway products?  Throwaway products?  Free Stuff?  What if I told you there is more to promotional products than you might know?  In fact, some might not know that promotional products are effective advertising tools, that when used properly, can really make an impact on your company’s brand image as well as your company’s overall well being.  How is this possible, you ask?  With proper marketing and promotion techniques, you will be able to make a great impact on those you are targeting.  The success you have marketing with promotional items all has to do with the method in which you choose to distribute them.

Let’s take a closer look and break down a promotion for a produce market using the “4 P’s of Marketing”.


The point of advertising with promotional products is to give your target audience something they can use at least once in a while, if not frequently.  This way, the more they use it, the more likely they will remember your company.  It will be in the back of their minds who gave them such a useful item – hence promoting your brand.

Which product to choose?  Let’s say you own a produce market and you saw a carrot shaped stress reliever one time and you thought might be perfect because it is relevant to your company.  Yes, the shape of the product is relevant to your company, but would your customer use the carrot shaped stress reliever?  Or, would they give it away to their child?  Since you want to choose products your target audience can use, why not try a grocery tote, instead?


Place is all about where you will distribute your product.  Will you distribute it at a grand opening? A tradeshow?  Will you give it as a free gift for purchasing “X” amount of goods at your store?  You need to figure out where to distribute it so you don’t end up with a bunch of products sitting around wasting your marketing dollars!


The next thing to decide is the method in which you will use the promotional item – this is more important than the method itself.  Let’s stay with the produce market grocery tote example.  How can you use them, or tie them into a promotion, to effectively pass them along to your audience?

What method could he use to distribute the totes?  If it is a grand opening of the store, you can pass one out to everyone with his sales paper inside and a coupon for their next visit.  Or, they could sell them for $1.00 at the cash register full of “exclusive” coupons customers can use when they come back with the bag.  Or, they could give a certain percentage off every time their customers bring the bag.  Giving a discount might be cheaper then having to buy plastic bags every so often.


Every company has – and if they don’t they should – have a marketing budget.  Find out how much of your budget you would allocate to the use of promotional products.  This is best to have a number in mind when given options of products you could use.  For example, you could order 1000 inexpensive and cheap pens but these might not work as effectively as 250 higher quality products.

Next time you think of marketing with promotional items, it is always best to think of a promotional plan that will help you choose the best method to plan, promote, and distribute your products.

How Antina Promotions is Different

Antina Promotions is an innovative promotional product group that helps companies, organizations and groups stand out with promotional products.  But, what makes Antina Promotions different from any other promotional product provider?  Here are a few reasons why Antina Promotions is a promotional product company you can trust.

1. We do not just sell products, we offer services to help you use promotional products effectively so you can get the most out of your promotional product advertisement.

Sure, you can go online and buy 1000 magnets and hand them out here and there.  But, do you know if these 1000 magnets give you the results you are looking for?  Are you sure you picked a product that will help you stand out?  Are you sure these products best represent your company or promotion?

By working with us, we help you pick products that will best represent your company, event or promotion.  We also help you utilize promotional products as advertising tools that will help you stand out, get more impressions and get the results you are looking for.

2. We work one on one with each of our clients to better understand their individual needs.

At Antina Promotions, we believe that no two promotions or companies are alike.  By paying attention to our clients and finding out their specific needs and goals, we are able to provide more effective options that will help our clients reach their goals.

3. We love to be creative by generating fresh ideas for each client, for each promotion, for each event.

Promotional products are our life.  Helping others to use promotional products effectively is our true passion.  We love finding new and creative ways to use promotional products and passing our creative ideas to those that need help promoting their company, organization or event in a new, fresh and creative light.

If you are looking for promotional products and are need of fresh ideas, call the promotional product group that is on your side.  We can be reached at 248-254-3845.  And remember, we take your promotions personally.