Our New Small Business Owner Community is Here!

Recently, Antina launched our Facebook “community” for small business owners trying to learn how to navigate through this crazy thing we call entrepreneurship and make it out profitable, called Maximizer Connection!


Once you join our community of like-minded business owners, you will be able to collaborate and mastermind with others who are looking to grow their business by learning how to maximizing marketing, sales profits, time, events, results, strategies, and well…maximize their business and create bigger brands. (While receiving and accepting support from the group at the same time).

So, if you are…

  • A Business Owner
  • An Entrepreneur
  • A Leader
  • Kind and Respectful to Others
  • Mission-Driven
  • An Action-Taker

You definitely want to check us out!

Why did we start this group?

  • Because owning a business is tough and sometimes lonely – especially when you are trying to maximize your business in every way in order to grow strong.
  • Because when you join a community that supports and uplifts you, it makes the journey that much easier knowing you are not alone.
  • Because we have your back and we will maximize our businesses together!

If this speaks to you, this space was made for you and you will love it!

You can join our group by going to www.maximizerconnection.com

See you there!