How Constraints Almost Stopped My Event Program From Being Created

stopRecently, I have been working on developing a new program for my company.  This program was actually launched last week (woohoo!) after many many weeks of hard work and a lot of time and effort!

It is a great product, if I do say so myself, that we know will help business owners learn how to increase visibility and ROI when they are exhibiting at trade shows or hosting live events.  We are super excited about this product and a very proud of it.

Thinking back on it, when the product was in development, there were a few constraints along the way that made me feel like it would never come to fruition.  Not from a lack of trying, but from a lack of resources.

You see, this was the first time I have ever created a product like this, before.  As a small business owner, and maybe you can relate, I wear a lot of hats.  Which means that although I created a goal plan for this project, I did not know exactly what I was getting into.   I may have underestimated (ok, ok, I did underestimate) the different components that go along with creating a program of this caliber.

Since it was my first time developing a program like this, my learning curve had to grow exponentially in a short amount of time.  I had the content, I knew what I wanted it to look like.  I knew the product would help a lot of people get amazing results.

However, the resources I speak of were a lack of knowledge in the technology required to build an amazing program and a lack of time to learn said technology required to build an amazing program.

This happens quite often as a small business owner.  Sometimes, your resources are tight.  Sometimes, you have to learn before you leap or delegate to get the job done, or both.

IF I decided to delegate some tasks for my project, perhaps, the project would get out to the public faster.  Perhaps, I could have created two projects in the time it took me to build one.

Due to the constraints I was faced with, the time I put into this project is likely to be a lot less than it will be going forward because I have now gained the experience and the knowledge of what it takes to do more in less time.

Perhaps, and this is more likely, I will get better at the technology parts, better at delegating and I can create even more maximizer programs that can help business owners in different areas they are struggling with.

So, next time, when Antina Promotions rolls out a new maximizer program (*wink* *wink*) you may see two new maximizer programs come from it.  All because I learned and adapted from the constraints I was faced with in the past.

Also, if you ever run into some constraints when you are working on something in unfamiliar territory, I would advise you to take a look at your overall project, determine what has to be done, determine what you absolutely need to do yourself and delegate the rest!  This way you will save time, and more than likely get a lot more finished within your goal time frame.