Behind the Scenes of Antina Promotions

I’m not sure if you know this, but my business superpower is my intuition. I have a sense of seeing things other people don’t see or have overlooked.

Just like a puzzle, I can find your missing piece.

So, if you’re experiencing a lull in sales after a live event or trade show or if you feel like your trade show or live event results could have/ should have (would have?) been better if you promoted your event more strategically or if you did a little more than just “go through the motions”, my program, “Event Maximizer” may be a great program for you and we should sit and chat over a cup of coffee to see how our program can help you maximize results.

It is best to sit and chat with me because at Antina Promotions, our service values are strategy, simplicity and intuitive understanding and when you work with us, you, as an entrepreneur will receive strategies that will help you stop going through the motions and start learning the “tweaks” you need to maximize business results within 4 weeks time.

Not only that, Antina Promotions has a culture statement that will help you release stress, and feel at ease and worry free when you are welcomed into our family of satisfied clients: