Doing Tradeshows and Live Events The Right Way

checklistHave you ever exhibited at a tradeshow or hosted a live event that did not turn out the way you hoped it would?  You planned for months and months thinking about how “this event is going to be EPIC!”, but once the event is over, you are feeling less than enthused and decide to eat the cost and move on, hoping that “next year it will be better”.

I don’t mean to step on any toes, but when you are in that situation, have you ever thought that you may not have prepared as much as you should have?  Maybe you did prepare, but you had no idea how prepared you actually had to be.

No worries, we have a 4 step process that can give you the boost you need to maximize your results at your next event.

1.Prepare For Success

This includes knowing what type of event you are going to showcase your brand (ex: tradeshow, live event), knowing your audience and an estimated percentage of your audience who are attending the event and your budget.

2. Get the Word Out

It is always best to make some noise before your event to let people know where you will be and why they should even take the time to come see you.

3.  Marketing at the Event

When the day of the event has come, don’t think you are free and clear.  You still need to work your magic and still promote your company with unique contests and demonstrations that will help set you apart from everyone else who is there, especially those who are your competitors.

4. Followup, Followup, Followup!

I cannot stress this enough, the majority of people do not followup after a live event or tradeshow and that, to me, is a shame because what you are doing is, is leaving money on the table!  Always followup because you never know who will give you feedback, testimonials and even business.

If you follow this simple framework, that is half the battle.  Actually making this framework work for your and you brand, is event better and will help you set yourself apart, stand out, gain more visibility and maximize your ROI.


The Best Ways to Use Promotional Products

There are many promotional products in the world today, you can almost get a logo printed on, well, everything! Why wouldn’t you want to put your logo on everything anyway?  It has been proven that promotional products have a track record of presenting great results in giving you a good return on your investment, helping you gain new clients, creating customer loyalty, giving not only brand recognition, but positive brand recognition, you get the idea.  Now, if you think there are a lot of promotional products out there in the world that could be put to good use, you better believe there are even more ways to use them in your marketing that are beneficial to your company.  Since you may not have the time to read all of the ways to use them, we will give you (some of) the best ways to use promotional products!

envelopeDirect Mail

Did you know that mail that is lumpy has a greater chance of being opened?  This is huge when sending a mailer since most mail pieces are thrown away.  Adding a promotional item to your mail piece will not only bring attention to your mail piece, recipients will have a greater chance of reading your mail piece.

The “Business Card”

Instead of exchanging a 2.5″x3″ card with your information, find a small item that is easy to carry around and pass this out instead of your business card.  Not only will you stand out, you will easily be remembered, too.

Gift with Purchasegift

Whether you sell a product or a service, a great way to hand out your promotional items is to give one away when a customer buys from you.  If you sell products and normally give a free product with a purchase, think how you can relate a promotional item to your product or find a promo item to place your product inside of.  If you sell services, giving away an interesting product will work.  In both cases, you can entice buyers to buy from you and you can also gift buyers for buyers for buying from you.


Spread Awareness with Eco Friendly Promotional Products

Earth-RecycleSpring is finally here!  If you have been cooped up all winter, now is the time to start planning your next advertising campaign to get you used to venturing into the outside world again.  Need some inspiration?  What about spreading awareness of your company with Eco Friendly promotional products?  In fact, Earth Day is right around the corner on April 22 this year, and would be a great tie-in to your eco products.

To give your gears a kickstart, here are some eco-friendly products that can help you spread brand awareness for your company:

1. Eco-Spiral Notebook

This 80 page lined recycled notebook includes a matching pen that has a recycled paper barrel.


2. Eco-Sipper Water Bottle

This transparent bottle has volume indicators and both the bottle and cap are biodegradable.  This is an Eco-Responsible (TM) product and BPA Free.



3. Eco-Candle

This 2oz candle is made of clean-burning, biodegradable, all natural soy wax with a lead-free cotton wick.

Why Your Company Colors Are Important to Your Brand

colorsAny Michigan fans here?  We know you are rocking the Blue and Yellow.  What about Michigan State fans?  You are definitely sporting the green and white.  See what we did here?  We associated the University of Michigan and Michigan state with their school colors.  Now, think McDonald’s (red and yellow),  Facebook (Blue and White), Macy’s (Red and Black) or even Google (Blue, Yellow, Green, Red).

When is the last time you saw McDonald’s with Green arches?  … my point exactly.  A company’s colors are its “team” colors, they are the tried and true colors of its brand – when you think of the McDonald’s brand you are not going to think of Green – you will be thinking yellow as in the Golden Arches.

Now, think about your company – your company colors are just as important as the colors of the largest brand in the world!  When is the last time you changed your company’s colors?  Hopefully only during a complete re-branding of your company.  But, even then, maybe you did not change your colors and kept the colors, but changed your logo?

The reason your company colors are important is because it is a part of your brand identity. You want to make sure you keep the same colors so you can keep a consistent look and flow of your company for greater brand recognition.   Aside of your logo, your company colors coincide with how your customers perceive your company, remember your company and relate to your company.  So, you want to make sure you choose your color scheme and stick with it.  Incorporate your color scheme into your logo and then use it on everything including your marketing materials and promotional items.

To keep your colors consistent across all of your branding materials, we recommend figuring out which Pantone colors you should use with the Pantone Matching System (PMS).  Pantone colors are the universal language for colors so if you decide to use a certain green for your logo, make sure you get the exact PMS green you are looking for.  Since the Pantone colors are the universal language for color, you will be able to uniform all your marketing materials, embroidery colors for your branded apparel, promotional items (or imprint colors on your promotional items) and any item you can think of that needs your company colors, for that consistent and familiar look you should shoot for, for your brand.

7 Reasons Why You Will Fall in Love with Promotional Products

PromotioFall in Love with Promotional Productsnal products are powerful marketing tools that can help businesses grow.  In fact, many people who use promotional items swear by them.  Here are 7 reasons why you will fall in love with promotional products too:

1. Variety.  From clothing items, to kitchen items, to office supplies, to tech products like mouse pads or USB flash drives and more, there are enough promotional products to go along with anyone’s imagination, project, campaign or event.

2. Brand Friendly.  Most times, promotional products can be matched with your company’s colors.

3. Budget Friendly. The vast variety of products that are available make it easy to find quality items lower than $1.00.

4. Cheap Cost Per Impression. The cost per impression of promotional products are cheaper than any other forms of advertising, like TV and radio.  This is because other forms of advertising cost money to be displayed over and over. Promotional products, on the other hand, are kept for long periods of time and the initial cost of that item is the only expense.

5. Versatile.  Promotional products can easily be incorporated with your existing campaigns.  This means, you don’t have to start a whole promotional campaign from scratch.

6. Precise Targeting.  Promotional products can be completely customized for your particular audience.  Since you can create products that are in the interest of your target markets, this cuts down unnecessary spending.

7. Excellent Brand Recognition. Creative, well thought out promotional products will be kept for long periods of time.  Also, if the product is useful enough, recipients are more likely to a.) see it more themselves and b.) show other people like their friends and family.  Therefore, repeated exposure generates high impression rates making your brand more memorable.

Now you can see that promotional products are useful, cost effective marketing tools.   With these 7 benefits, it’s no wonder why it is so easy to fall in love with promotional products.