Behind the Scenes of Antina Promotions

I’m not sure if you know this, but my business superpower is my intuition. I have a sense of seeing things other people don’t see or have overlooked.

Just like a puzzle, I can find your missing piece.

So, if you’re experiencing a lull in sales after a live event or trade show or if you feel like your trade show or live event results could have/ should have (would have?) been better if you promoted your event more strategically or if you did a little more than just “go through the motions”, my program, “Event Maximizer” may be a great program for you and we should sit and chat over a cup of coffee to see how our program can help you maximize results.

It is best to sit and chat with me because at Antina Promotions, our service values are strategy, simplicity and intuitive understanding and when you work with us, you, as an entrepreneur will receive strategies that will help you stop going through the motions and start learning the “tweaks” you need to maximize business results within 4 weeks time.

Not only that, Antina Promotions has a culture statement that will help you release stress, and feel at ease and worry free when you are welcomed into our family of satisfied clients:




The Legend Story of Antina Promotions

books-683901_1920I was recently asked what I thought my Legend Story would say.  At first, this was not an easy story to tell because it is hard to think about years in the future when I would be gone.  But then I thought, I may physically be gone, but my legend, my legacy will still move on.

So, I would like to share, with you, what I wrote.  I hope that some day Antina Promotions will reflect the same values and beliefs I hold.

The Legend Story of Antina Promotions

It wasn’t easy being her, she had to put up with a lot of crap from a lot of people, but she never let it break her spirits. She knew the only way to move past all the hardships and all the hurt was to keep on moving because “action slays the noise”, and boy did she ever slay!

To say she inspired me and everyone that had the privilege to know her would be an understatement. She would always encourage everyone to shine to their fullest potential. To be different. Or, rather, To be bold, think big and stand out!

You see, Christina always wanted to inspire people to take action. Any action. She always believed that if you werent happy, you needed to shake things up a little bit. Do something different that you wouldn’t normally do. Do anything it took to find your happiness. That was the whole point of life to her, to find your happiness and own it.

She always said “There’s no point in being stuck in the same old boring routine day in and day out. You have the power to make your own decisions, you mind as well choose to to be happy. So, stop overthinking, stop worrying you will make the wrong choice and just do something. Anything. Anything that will allow you to live to your fullest potential in every capacity. Anything that will make you happy.”

With that mentality, Christina was happy and it was because she worked so hard at making her life the way she wanted it to be.

Which brings me to, Antina Promotions. A real life reflection of the values she believed in.


That’s why I am standing here, telling you this story today, because I know, Christina, my ancestor, would be happy to know, I am happy taking over as a 3rd Generation CEO of Antina Promotions to continue her legacy of helping others shine in their brand.

Antina Promotions’ Brand Story: Part 7

Part 7?  If you have been following my posts on Antina Promotions’ brand story challenge, you may have thought I was finished since I told you it was a 10 day challenge and I have talked about Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4-6, Days 7-8 and Days 9-10.  You may have also been as surprised as I was to see that there was a bonus prompt.  Day 11 was a mad-lib about my entire experience with the brand story challenge and it goes a little like this:

Brand Story Challenge Mad Lib:

It was Day 1 of the Brand Story Challenge. I was excited, nervous, and determined.

But above all, I was ready. Ready to share my story with companies who want to differentiate themselves from their competition, and be totally honest about my journey with my process of consulting and guiding my clients in the right direction to achieve the results they need.

When I hit ‘post’ on that first day, I felt nauseous. Whoa. I was really doing all this? What were people gonna do when they heard about my business journey.

Is vulnerability reeeally that effective?

Then… something interesting happened. The response was shocking. Suddenly, people were responding – and I mean *really* liking my posts, not too many people, but more than they usually do. And for the first time ever, I felt truly engaging.

Now, the challenge is at an end. Yep, it’s day 10.
So I wanted to say thank you all for “traveling” with me. It is an honor to be so warmly accepted by so many people.

I feel happy. I feel ecstatic. And I know going forward – nothing can stop me from continuing this story, and sharing it out loud, and without fear.

I got this!

Antina Promotions’ Brand Story: Part 6

Last month I participated in a Brand Story Challenge that was put on by Business Consultant Jennifer Kem.  It made such an impact on Antina Promotions that I decided to blog about it.  I have already covered Part 1 (that talked about Day 1 of the challenge), Part 2 for Day 2, Part 3 that talked about Day 3 and Part 4 that talked about Day’s 4-6, Part 5 for Day’s 7 and 8.  Now onto Day’s 9 and 10!

Day 9: Real Results

On this day, we talked about SMART results and the “SMART” results we provide for our clients.  For those of you who have not heard of this concept before SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic and Time-Related.  After going through the prompts, here is what we know about Antina:

As a result of working with my company clients have created awareness of their brand, products and services, acquired new clients and gained a positive return on their investment within their goal timeframe.

Day 10: Culture

The LAST day!!  I was so excited to have gone through this journey, that I couldn’t wait for Day 10!  Day 10 was  our Culture Credo. Which, defined by Jennifer Kem is: “[A] short message designed to summarize and illustrate the idea-to-creation passion and mission of your business; in as few words as possible.”  Here is our Culture Credo -which is still in the works – but, here is what we have for now:

Culture Credo

Antina Promotions’ Brand Story: Part 5

Last month I participated in a Brand Story Challenge that was put on by Business Coach Jennifer Kem.  It made such an impact on Antina Promotions that I decided to blog about it.  I have already covered Part 1 that talked about Day 1 of the challenge, Part 2 that talked about Day 2 of the Challenge, Part 3 that talked about Day 3 and Part 4 that talked about Day’s 4-6.

On Days 7-8 we talked about our audience and how we would like them to feel.

Day 7: THEM

This is the part where we needed to dig deeper into who our ideal client is.  Who exactly can we help best?

If you’re experiencing difficulty trying to get your audience to recall your brand when your product/service is needed, my program that consults and guides you through the process of creating an effective promotional item and how to use the product to your benefit to save you time and money, may be a great option for you.

Day 8: Touch and Truth

On Day 8 our prompt was to discover how we would like our clients to feel about working with our company and how we have processes set up to ensure our clients can feel the way we would like them to feel. Here is our story:

When you work with Antina Promotions we can guarantee you will feel you can rely on us to guide you through the process of choosing, creating and distributing the right promotional items and confident that you have the tools needed for a successful promotion.

At Antina Promotions, we have systems in place to make sure that we follow up and communicate with our clients every step of the way.  Your deposit went through? You will hear from us.  Your artwork proof is available? You will hear from us.  Your order shipped? You will hear from us, etc.  Constant contact is what you will receive from Antina so you do not have to worry about where your order is and where it is in the production process.  We are here for you every step of the way!

Antina Promotions New Promotional Product Store

I am very excited to announce that earlier this month, Antina Promotions launched its new and improved (and responsive!) promotional product store.  Our store is still packed full of over 700,000 products for you to advertise your company with, and we still offer great features such as virtual samples, top categories, product collections, product videos, industry news and case studies.


What’s new is we offer even more ways to search our products aside of using the search bar  have added quick links to popular items such as drinkware, tech products, bags and more.  We also have added a chat feature so you can contact us anytime.

Not only can you contact us at anytime, you can contact us from anywhere.  Since the website is a responsive site, you can search products from your computer, phone and your tablet from wherever you are.

We are very excited to offer a responsive site to our clients because it allows us more avenues to help you stand out even more.  So, what are you waiting for?  Check out our store, shopantinapromo, and let us know what you think!


Women’s History Book Donated In Honor of Antina Promotions

IMG_1983Last Wednesday, January 6, the American Business Women’s Association’s (ABWA) Novi Oaks Charter Chapter held a Book Unveiling at the Novi Public Library.  The book unveiling was held to celebrate an initiative taken by the Novi-Oaks chapter last year to have its members donate books celebrating Women’s History to the Novi Library.  On January 6, 34 books were added to the library’s collection.

Within this collection, Christina Spagnuolo [Concord], owner of Antina Promotions and Executive Board Secretary of Novi Oaks, donated a book to honor Antina Promotions’ Certification as a Women Owned Business, which was obtained last year. The book that was donated is called “Rachel Carson – Preserving a Sense of Wonder” by Thomas Locker & Joseph Bruchac. It is a biography about a young girl who had a passion for nature and offers an inspiring story of her life. Rachel Carson ended up being the author of the book “Silent Spring”.


For those who do not know about ABWA, it is a National Organization who’s mission is “[t]o bring together businesswomen of diverse occupations and to provide opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking support, and national recognition.” (ABWA Novi Oaks Website)

The Novi Oaks chapter meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 6:15.  For more information and to check out current events and/or join this dynamic group of women, please see the Novi Oaks Facebook Page.

See Antina Promotions’ Press Release about the topic here.

Antina Promotions Celebrates 5 Years!

5 YearsIt has been 5 years since Antina Promotions started by owners Christina Spagnuolo-Concord and Andrew Concord. Ever since 2010 Antina Promotions has helped companies and organizations advertise with promotional items by helping them find unique products their target audiences will hold onto.  Antina Promotions takes pride in providing quality products to give their clients a greater impact and impression of their companies.

In lieu of their celebration, here are 5 fun facts about Antina that you may not have known:

  1. The name Antina comes from the “An” in Andrew and “Tina” in Christina.
  2. Antina Promotions started because of Christina’s passion for the industry, which she originally got into in 2007.
  3. Antina Promotions is a certified Women Owned Business where Christina is the primary owner.
  4. Christina and Andrew not only have Business Administration Degrees in Marketing and Finance (respectively), both have their Bachelor of Advertising Specialty Information (BASI) and a Master of Advertising Specialty Information (MASI) – the advertising specialty industry’s most prestigious education awards.
  5. Andrew and Christina are a husband and wife team and are excited to have a family business together.

The owners would like to thank all of their supporters and clients from the past 5 years who have helped shape and grow their company.  Here’s to another 5+ years!  Salute!