Mid Summer Blues? Cheer Up! Tradeshow Season Is Coming Soon!

We made it to August!

Some may mourn the fact that Summer is almost over while others are saying summer technically doesn’t end until September 22nd – the “official” first day of Fall.

Whichever side of the road you are on, the fact of the matter is today, it is still summer!  That sounds like the middle ground route to take, don’t you think?

So, now that we are all on the same page of focusing on the present, here’s the current situation:

Tradeshow season is upon us!

With that said, I want to let you in on a secret we have been keeping: Antina has been busy working on something big!  Something that will help you more than ever, with your Tradeshows and Live Events.  maximize

We call it: Event Maximizer.

Event Maximizer is a new service we will be launching this month that will help exhibitors at tradeshows and hosts of live events not only stand out but gain a return on your investment.  We are in the process of finalizing details and we will let you know sooner than later when exactly our new program will be launched.

So, stay tuned.  Especially if you are planning to host an upcoming Live Event or if you are planning on sponsoring a conference or Tradeshow that involves your company exhibiting your products and services.



30 Perks of Using Promotional Products As Marketing Tools

celebrate-clipartLast weekend, I celebrated my 30th birthday this week, I decided I am going to offer 30 tips you that will help you use promotional products to market your company.

Here we go!  Promotional products can help you:

  1. Create brand awareness
  2. Become favored by your audience
  3. Create an experience for your audience
  4. Promote your company
  5. Generate leads
  6. Increase sales
  7. Retain customers
  8. Lower company healthcare costs
  9. Set you apart from your competition
  10. Become unforgettable
  11. Advertise your new products and services
  12. Look professional
  13. Promote your identity
  14. Create awareness for your cause
  15. Give a tangible representation of your brand
  16. Obtain “staying power”
  17. Positively affect buying decisions
  18. Create excitement
  19. Help your audience recall your brand
  20. Create “walking” or “moving” Advertisements
  21. Stand out in the marketplace
  22. Emphasize your marketing campaign
  23. Leave a positive impact on the attitudes and behaviors of your audience
  24. Draw attention to your company
  25. Open lines of communication
  26. Increase customer loyalty
  27. Gain more exposure than ever before
  28. Create a long lasting advertisement
  29. Generate 100’s of 1000’s of impressions with one single product
  30. Grow your business

And these are only 30 ways they can help you!

What To Do When You Think You Ordered Too Many Promotional Items

boxHave you ever purchased promotional items before and when they arrived at your doorstep, you were excited to open the box to see your brand stamped all over the products.  After you get past your initial “OMGee I love this!” reaction, you take another look at the box of products and you see WAY more products than you ordered…or so it seems.  You  know you had to order the minimum of 250, but is 250 really this many?

This struggle of this-is-the-actual-amount-of-products-I-ordered overwhelm is real!  Sometimes, we think, “Oh the minimum quantity I have to order is 250? Ok I can make that work”.  But in reality, when you have the physical products in your hands, you see what 250 items really looks like and you panic!

When you sit back and think about why you are in a panic, is it because you have no idea what to do with the products?  Is it because you are afraid you just wasted your money on something that you think you will have with you forever?

The worst thing you can do is panic and start passing out the products to everyone and anyone you see and can think of.

The best thing you can do is come up with a plan of action. A strategic plan of how you will pass out the products with a focus on how you can get a return on your investment.

This way, you will not have to panic that you will have SO many products sitting around, creating clutter in your life.


How Promotional Products Help You Recall Your Experience With a Brand


This past weekend Andrew and I went to Niagara Falls.  It was my first time there and his first time back since he was little and I must say WOW!  It was definitely a sight to see.  I couldn’t get over the fact that the water does not stop!  And all the rainbows! (Love me some rainbows!)

While we were there, we tried to do everything we possibly could.  We went on the boat (duh!) that took you to get an up close and personal view of the falls, we walked along the boardwalk to see where the falls flowed into rapids and we even took a tour behind the falls for an even more up close and personal view.  At the end of each attraction we were lead to a “store” where we could buy all of our Niagara swag.

Aah yes, the stuff we buy to remind us of the great time we had at Niagara falls.  A memory we can keep forever to remind us of the “time we went to Niagara and it was supposed to rain for an entire day right in the middle of our trip, but we ended up having the most beautiful days – and even got to see a full rainbow!”.  A memory that will remind us of the experience we had to take a short break and learn about this amazing natural attraction.

Then, if we were to purchase Niagara swag for our families, perhaps our stories and pictures and our memories would encourage them to want to experience Niagara as well?  Perhaps they will plan their trip in the near future?

Are you seeing what I am seeing?  Is this advertising I smell?  Yes!  A small item that you purchase will be taken home with you and you are more than likely to keep the item for years because it will help you recall your experience with this brand.

Crazy to think about when you actually realize that promotional products have that sort of effect on people.  Even crazier to think that you can apply this same mentality when you are using promotional products to help your audience remember the experiences they have with your brand.

The Love-Hate Relationship with Promotional Products

love-hate-relationshipPromotional products are infamous for making people happy.  When you receive a promotional item, how does it make you feel?  Happy? Excited? Appreciated?  or all of the above (rather all to the left)?

While these branded tools can increase awareness of your brand while making your customers feel loved while loving you back, there has always been a love-hate relationship that is associated with these tools.

Some of you may be shaking your heads in agreement, thinking of the last promotional item you received that made your day, maybe you just glanced down at your favorite promo pal.  Or maybe, you are even thinking of the last experience you had buying promotional items of your own.

Whatever the case, why the love-hate?  Why not a love-love?

You may love receiving or giving promotional items away, but the truth about all the hate is you may not have had a great experience with promotional items because you did not have a proper strategy in place that helped you get the results you were looking for.

Or, you were on the receiving end of a promotional campaign that did not have a strategy around it.

Another truth is, you may not even know that you need to have a strategy in place in order for the items to work to your benefit.

As a result, you are actually leaving money on the table (or in a box of unused promotional items) if you don’t incorporate a proper strategy.

Having a promotional product without a strategy in place is like buying ice cream to watch it melt. What do you think? Do you have a strategy in place for your promotional items?

Promotional Products Work! Week 2016

This week (May 23-27) is Promotional Products Work! Week.  According to the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), “[They are] celebrating “ADVERTISING THAT LIVES ON” this year by focusing our attention on the buyers. This annual event serves as a cornerstone for recognizing the importance of working with promotional products professionals, while creating awareness for promotional products as a powerful and effective marketing and advertising medium.”

This is a fun filled week packed full of information on promotional products, how to use them, when to use them, case studies, and how to work with a promotional product consultant.

For more information check out this video or promotionalproductswork.org 

Antina Promotions’ Brand Story: Part 7

Part 7?  If you have been following my posts on Antina Promotions’ brand story challenge, you may have thought I was finished since I told you it was a 10 day challenge and I have talked about Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4-6, Days 7-8 and Days 9-10.  You may have also been as surprised as I was to see that there was a bonus prompt.  Day 11 was a mad-lib about my entire experience with the brand story challenge and it goes a little like this:

Brand Story Challenge Mad Lib:

It was Day 1 of the Brand Story Challenge. I was excited, nervous, and determined.

But above all, I was ready. Ready to share my story with companies who want to differentiate themselves from their competition, and be totally honest about my journey with my process of consulting and guiding my clients in the right direction to achieve the results they need.

When I hit ‘post’ on that first day, I felt nauseous. Whoa. I was really doing all this? What were people gonna do when they heard about my business journey.

Is vulnerability reeeally that effective?

Then… something interesting happened. The response was shocking. Suddenly, people were responding – and I mean *really* liking my posts, not too many people, but more than they usually do. And for the first time ever, I felt truly engaging.

Now, the challenge is at an end. Yep, it’s day 10.
So I wanted to say thank you all for “traveling” with me. It is an honor to be so warmly accepted by so many people.

I feel happy. I feel ecstatic. And I know going forward – nothing can stop me from continuing this story, and sharing it out loud, and without fear.

I got this!

Antina Promotions’ Brand Story: Part 6

Last month I participated in a Brand Story Challenge that was put on by Business Consultant Jennifer Kem.  It made such an impact on Antina Promotions that I decided to blog about it.  I have already covered Part 1 (that talked about Day 1 of the challenge), Part 2 for Day 2, Part 3 that talked about Day 3 and Part 4 that talked about Day’s 4-6, Part 5 for Day’s 7 and 8.  Now onto Day’s 9 and 10!

Day 9: Real Results

On this day, we talked about SMART results and the “SMART” results we provide for our clients.  For those of you who have not heard of this concept before SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic and Time-Related.  After going through the prompts, here is what we know about Antina:

As a result of working with my company clients have created awareness of their brand, products and services, acquired new clients and gained a positive return on their investment within their goal timeframe.

Day 10: Culture

The LAST day!!  I was so excited to have gone through this journey, that I couldn’t wait for Day 10!  Day 10 was  our Culture Credo. Which, defined by Jennifer Kem is: “[A] short message designed to summarize and illustrate the idea-to-creation passion and mission of your business; in as few words as possible.”  Here is our Culture Credo -which is still in the works – but, here is what we have for now:

Culture Credo

Antina Promotions’ Brand Story: Part 5

Last month I participated in a Brand Story Challenge that was put on by Business Coach Jennifer Kem.  It made such an impact on Antina Promotions that I decided to blog about it.  I have already covered Part 1 that talked about Day 1 of the challenge, Part 2 that talked about Day 2 of the Challenge, Part 3 that talked about Day 3 and Part 4 that talked about Day’s 4-6.

On Days 7-8 we talked about our audience and how we would like them to feel.

Day 7: THEM

This is the part where we needed to dig deeper into who our ideal client is.  Who exactly can we help best?

If you’re experiencing difficulty trying to get your audience to recall your brand when your product/service is needed, my program that consults and guides you through the process of creating an effective promotional item and how to use the product to your benefit to save you time and money, may be a great option for you.

Day 8: Touch and Truth

On Day 8 our prompt was to discover how we would like our clients to feel about working with our company and how we have processes set up to ensure our clients can feel the way we would like them to feel. Here is our story:

When you work with Antina Promotions we can guarantee you will feel you can rely on us to guide you through the process of choosing, creating and distributing the right promotional items and confident that you have the tools needed for a successful promotion.

At Antina Promotions, we have systems in place to make sure that we follow up and communicate with our clients every step of the way.  Your deposit went through? You will hear from us.  Your artwork proof is available? You will hear from us.  Your order shipped? You will hear from us, etc.  Constant contact is what you will receive from Antina so you do not have to worry about where your order is and where it is in the production process.  We are here for you every step of the way!

Antina Promotions’ Brand Story: Part 4

These past few weeks, I have been telling my company’s Brand Story as part of a Brand Story Challenge I took part in earlier this month.  Part 1 talked about the essence of Antina Promotions, In Part 2, I talked about my Catalyst Moment and Part 3 described my Phoenix Move (moves).

Days 4-6 made me discover what our company actually does and who we can help as a result. Here is a summary of what we found:

Day 4: What does your company do?

The idea around this prompt is when people ask what you do there are two versions.  The first version of what you do is a simple statement and the second version is what do you really do?  And what you really do is what should be communicated to your audience.

For me and Antina Promotions: You may think my company solely helps you advertise with promotional products. What you might not know is we also inspire you to think differently so you can stand out when advertising your products or services. We do this by offering a turnkey solution to help you leverage your promotional products and consult you on how to use them for your maximum benefit.

Day 5: Your Audience 

My ideal client is a company or organization who has used promotional items in the past, and in the process, found out they were unsure which products would connect them with their target audience and give them a good return, they did not have enough time to look for the right product to use and/or were frustrated with finding a way to move their promotional product inventory when they received the products.

Day 6: Your Talents and Superpowers

My business superpower is my ability to pay attention to detail allowing me to see what others may not.

This not only resonates with me, it resonates with my industry.  I am truly blessed to have a superpower that fits well with the industry I am in.  If I could not see the little details, I may not be able to provide the great service I provide each and every day.

4 more days left, stay tuned to see what’s next!