What The Heck Is “Cobranding”? And Why Do People Love It?

What The Heck is “Cobranding”? And Why Do People Love It?

Cobrand with Yeti

Let’s do a quick exercise (don’t worry it’s a mental exercise!).

Imagine and hold the image of your favorite brand name item.

Got it?

 Now think about how cool it would be to add your logo to that product, too!   

 I’m sure you’re thinking: Is this possible?

 OF COURSE its possible!

 One of the newest and hottest trends out there today, is “Cobranding”. But what is “cobranding” exactly?

 Cobranding is when you order a brand name item and add your logo to it, too. Which, duh! Almost anything and everything that you have added your logo to in the past, is “Cobranding”!

 But what if I told you that you can now Cobrand with High End Brands? How cool is that?

 OR, maybe you don’t think it’s cool? But, let me explain why it is growing in popularity:

 People like to use and wear the brands they love. Which means, they will wear their favorite brand over any other apparel item. Or, carry their favorite brand item with them more often.

 Since they are familiar with the brand, they are more likely to “wear their favorite shirt”, or “carry their favorite water bottle brand” over any other logoed merchandise.

 If you’re trying to create more memorable impressions of your brand this year, Cobranding is definitely the route you should take!

 Think about it. Let’s say your client LOVES the Yeti brand coolers. You want to send them a Yeti tumbler so they can carry their favorite drink around with them at all times.

 You know they will remember you because they appreciate you thinking of them and remembering they love Yeti.

 But, you want to “kick it up a notch” and Cobrand with Yeti by adding your logo to Yeti tumbler. This way it will be guaranteed they will remember you were the brand that gave them their favorite tumbler.

 (Added bonus, when they show others the Yeti tumbler you gave them, the Yeti won’t be the only thing that your customer will be showing off and your brand will gain impressions with them, too).

 Yeti obviously isn’t the only high end product you can Cobrand with! To name a few high end brands available, we have Nike, Adiddas, Spyder, Ogio, The North Face, Columbia, Puma, Eddie Bauer, Under Armor, Carhartt, Dickies, Yeti, S’well, Corcickle, etc.

 If your favorite brand isn’t listed above, that’s ok! Email me back and let me know what it is so I can see if it’s available!

 I’ll leave you with one last question: What does it say about your brand when it “partners” with another high end brand?

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