As the World Opens, Keep Brand Experience In Mind

The Brand Experience you provide to prospects and customers has always been important. As we are getting closer to talking about – and starting to – re-open our economy, the experience you provide will matter even more.

With the pandemic creating so much uncertainty, it is our job to create more security and safety for those who do business with us, as well as for our employees. Of course, sanitization measures will be in place, but what are you doing to let your customers know what measures you’re taking to keep them safe? What are you doing to promote employee wellness and safety in the workplace to your employees?  If you’re not sure, now’s a great time to make a plan. This plan should take into consideration the brand experience you want to create as we approach life post COVID-19.

What it boils down to is communication. Of course you can email customers about what you’re doing. But, how many emails do you think they’ll get before they stop reading about the topic? What is going to set you apart from the masses? A better idea is to stand out by communicating through signage inside and outside of your place of business.

Outdoor Signage

The first step in communicating with customers is to let them know you’re open (when you’re open!). Curbside signage can help with this. Signage like Sail Signs, Banners and A-Frame signs can help communicate that you’re open, offer curbside pickup, offer delivery, etc.

Indoor Informational Signage

Once your customers know you’re open and decide to come inside your place of business, now it’s time to start communicating your company’s safe practices. Whether you’re communicating where masks are required beyond a certain point, explaining your cleaning/sanitization procedures or indicating where customers should stand to safely social distance, informational signage can help here, too.

Banners and Surface Grips can help you accomplish this.

Employee Wellness and Safety

Another thing to think about is promoting Employee Wellness in the workplace and keeping employees safe.

To promote Employee Wellness, Banners can help you place reminders around the office about how to stop the spread of germs, educating them about the symptoms they should be aware of and when it’s time to see a doctor, reminders about social distancing, or other important health and safety reminders. These communications will also help employees learn more about how to stay safe when they’re back to work.

Another way to keep employees safe is to place sanitizing stations around your office and protective counter barriers for when there may be closer contact with clients.

If you need to create temporary private spaces, vinyl wall barriers that can easily be cleaned, will help employees feel more comfortable in their workspace.

Work At Home Offices

virtual office backdropNo plans to go back to the office? If your plans look like having employees work virtually for quite some time, investing in backdrops for virtual meetings with clients will give a more professional look.

Plus, it will help employees set up a designated office space in their homes, in case they don’t have one.

All of these efforts will help give customers and employees a positive Brand Experience. An experience that makes them feel more comfortable in your workplace. It will also give them the feeling that your company is one they can trust.

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