When Life Throws A Bag of Lemons Your Way

Let’s admit it. The situation we’re in due to the Coronavirus pandemic is not ideal. In fact, it feels like a bag of lemons was thrown at us! In the past month, so many changes have been made. Changes that have forced us to adjust from the way life “used to be” not knowing when we will go back to “normal”. Or, something close to it.

As the old saying goes if you’re looking back, you’re living in regret. If you’re looking forward, you’re living in anxiety. But, if you’re living in the present, that’s where you can find happiness.

This is not an ideal situation, by any means, for anyone. Everyone in the world is dealing with this. Everyone is struggling in their own way. But let’s turn and look at this elephant in the room and find ways to shoo it away. Perhaps taking those lemons life has thrown at us, and throw them back at the elephant?

All jokes aside, instead of thinking of all the bad that’s happened, what I’ve been doing is making it a habit of point out all the good that’s happening. Here’s a few things I’ve noticed:

I talk with family more than ever

Before the pandemic, I would always try and make it a point to talk to family members I don’t see often. It was always on my “list of things to do” to reach out, but my schedule somehow got in the way. Ever since the pandemic, I’ve found more time on my hands. What better way to spend it than talking to family members?

Then, a few weeks ago on Easter, I was able to “spend” it with the majority of my family thanks to Zoom. Easter has never been a holiday where I get to see most of my family members. It’s always been immediate family. This year, most of my extended family hopped on the virtual call and I was able to see them. Some of us live in different states, even, and we wondered why we didn’t do this before the pandemic.

My husband and I get to have lunch together

There used to be days where I ate lunch by myself, at my desk, while I finished up projects. Or, I would work right through it. Now that my husband and I are working from home, exclusively, we make it a point to eat lunch together every day. Not only is it nice to have a lunch buddy, we get to catch up and spend more time together than we used to.

I get to cook dinner every day

Cooking is one thing I love to do (so much that talking about lemons makes me want to make chicken piccata!). Before all of this, I would always try to cook dinner every day because it’s a stress re-leaser for me. However, sometimes after a super busy day or two, I would feel too tired and end up eating out.

Because of the stay at home orders, I’m able to cook every day now. It’s been quite fun for me. Plus, it’s been one of the only “normal” things that I’ve gotten to keep with me throughout this pandemic.

When you look at the elephant in the room and are not sure how to “shoo” it away (or don’t want to throw lemons at it), think of the present moment and all the things that you “get to do” now that you’re in this situation.

I’m sure there’s plenty of things you can point out, and I encourage you to, if you haven’t done that already.

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