Antina Promotions Receives Product Safety Aware Designation

Antina Promotions received Product Safety Aware (PSA) designation on April 2, 2020 from the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI). The Product Safety Awareness Program is an initiative of PPAI to create confidence in promotional products as an advertising medium in every level.

To receive PSA status, at least one member of a company must complete at least four hours of product safety education training. Then, this person can become the Product Safety Aware Ambassador. At Antina Promotions, Christina Concord has received Product Safety Aware Ambassador status.

According to PPAI, the benefits to designating an Ambassador to your company gives you “[the] ability to show your company’s commitment to creating a culture in which [your] company is not only aware of product safety but engaged, and as a result creating confidence in the medium at every level.”.

“Obtaining our PSA status is more than just a ‘title’. It means we have more awareness of the importance and requirements of product safety and how it can affect end users. Therefore, we can now discern the law and the potential liabilities in sourcing products. This will help protect, not only our brand and company but our clients brand, and consumers, too,” said Concord.

Being Product Safety Aware is not only about sourcing products responsibly. It’s about making sure companies with this status are providing safe products that will not do harm to end users.

“It is our job to ensure that our clients are informed about the regulations surrounding the product, and what that means to them,” said Concord.

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