5 Uses for Promotional Products to Strengthen Your Brand

It’s easy to think of promotional products as objects with a logo on them.  Sure, that’s what they are.  But, they are capable of so much more! Believe it or not, promotional items can do a lot for you and your company.

These items can be used in a variety of different ways from helping strengthen your brand to achieving your goals.

Here are five ways to use promotional products you may or may not know about.

1. Promote a favorable impression of your company

Promotional items are the type of advertising your audience will actually thank you for!  This is a good thing considering most advertising methods have been known to “disrupt” their audience.

Typically, a promotional item is something your audience can use. Because it is something that is relevant to them, they will have a favorable impression of your company.

2. Increase brand recognition

What promotes brand recognition? Repetition! When you give away a useful item, your audience will hold onto the item.  Very few people will throw away an item they can use on a daily basis, especially if they really like the item.  Or, sometimes, the items are part of your audience’s daily lives making them susceptible to long term exposure.

A promotional item gives you the ability to be in front of your audience on a daily, hourly, and minute to minute basis. And, they can do so without repeated costs every time someone looks at the item.

This means they can choose to expose themselves to your brand at their convenience. When they see your message on the item, repeatedly, you will stay top of mind.

3. Help generate new business

When you have a well thought out campaign, the likeability of promotional items can play in your favor.  As mentioned above, useful promotional items will be held onto for longer periods of time.  This means, when your audience needs your products or services the most, your brand will come to mind, first.

When they see your promotional item with your contact information, you will be the first they contact. The key is having a clear call to action printed on your item so they know to take action.

Promotional items also generate buzz.  When others talk about your item or show it to others, you could gain indirect leads.

4. Show appreciation

Not all promotional items need to have your logo printed on them to work effectively.  When giving gifts to clients (or even employees), adding their name goes a long way.

Think of it this way, a “gift” is about them not about you! When you give them a gift with their name, they’ll still remember who gave them that special personalized gift. No one forgets someone who went the extra mile to make them feel special.

5. Incentivize Sales

Speaking of gifts, have you ever purchased a product to receive a “free gift”?  You can use promotional items in this way, too.  All you need to do is plan a promotion that offers a free gift when customers purchase your products/services.

To execute properly, follow these steps:

  1. Find a promotional item that is either a desirable product or a product relevant to your products or services.
  2. Determine how long your “limited time offer” will last.
  3. Promote heavily for a specified amount of time.
  4. Track results to see how your sales grew.

While promotional products are objects with a logo on them, these five techniques can prove they can do so much more!  Now that you know more about what they can do, know these five ways only skim the surface of what they’re capable of.



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