Top 4 Results Promotional Products Can Bring To The Table

Sometimes, organizations may be hesitant to purchase promotional items. One of the reasons why is they don’t think the products they use will make a difference in their marketing strategy.  Another reason is they’re not sure how the products can generate results.

What these organizations don’t know is promotional items play an important role in communicating their brand and should be considered as investments in their marketing. This is because of the results promotional items bring to the table.

Results like increasing brand awareness, attracting new clients, helping you stay top of mind and improving opinions of your brand.

All of these qualities can help strengthen your brand, especially when you get results.

Let’s take a deeper look:

1. Brand Awareness

When people receive a promotional item, they tend to keep them if they are useful. The longer they keep the item, the more impressions your brand receives. This is what increases your brand awareness for the person you give the item to and the people they come in contact with.

2. Lead Generation

To generate leads with promotional items, you can chose a variety of different routes.  One great way to do this is by combining promotional products and the digital world.  You can do this by connecting a promotional item to your landing page that gathers the customer’s data.

With all the advertising that surrounds us everyday, promotional items are unique in the fact that they can capture the interest of your audience better than other forms of advertising.  This is because people are excited to receive promotional items and can consume the advertisement at their convenience.

Because of this, if your promotional item has a call to action to visit your landing page, your audience will be more likely to visit that landing page than if they saw an advertisement online for with the same call to action.

3. More Sales

“Gift with purchase” campaigns are perfect for increasing your sales.  This has to do with giving your audience a free product when they purchase something from you.  Promotional products your audience will use in general or use along along with your product or service are great items to use for this purpose.

Here’s a tip: knowing your audience is key here!

4. Customer Loyalty

Promotional items can also help you create loyal customers.  Customer Loyalty Programs, while not the only way, is a great way to do so.  One way to implement a customer loyalty program is to offer points when a customer purchases something from your company.

Then, create a tiered rewards program and give customers a gift when they reach certain milestones.  This specific program not only helps you create a fun and engaging experience for your customers, customers end up spending more with your company.

As you can see, promotional products can be very beneficial when used as supplements to your marketing. While these are not the only results promotional items bring to the table, they are some of the more powerful results.

The most important thing to know is, in order to get results, all it takes is a proper implementation strategy.


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