How to Start Using Promotional Products to Advertise Your Brand

As the saying goes, “promotional products are advertising your audience will thank you for”. No one is going to dislike you if you give them something for free.  Even if it has your marketing message on it.

Because promotional items are tangible, you audience holds onto your product (not to mention your marketing message) longer. Especially if the product is useful to their everyday lives.

Unlike other ads that practically force you to see or hear them, an advertisement on a promotional item is subtle. The subtlety allows the user to reference your message anytime they choose. This is what makes promotional items a more favorable type of advertising your audience doesn’t mind being exposed to!

Now the question is, how do you start using promotional products to advertise your brand?

Know your target audience

Knowing your audience is important because it will help you find products they will use. Ask yourself, what would they hold onto that would keep my name in front of them for months to come?

The key is, if they can use it, they will hold onto it.  If the product is around long enough, they can choose to expose themselves to your message when they are ready.  This is usually when they are in need of your products and services the most.

Have a clear message

When it’s time for your audience to need your products and services, they have your promotional item to reference. That’s why it’s important to have a clear message or call to action. It will tell them how they can work with you.

Your message should be clear and simple.  You should have a call to action and you should tell them how to contact you. It’s not necessary to put every way to contact you. Only the best way to contact you.

Plus, sometimes an imprint area is not large enough for all that information and your item will look cluttered.  Your audience might also get confused.

It all comes down to what works best for your marketing strategy.

Decide how to distribute your products

Speaking of marketing strategy, you should plan how to distribute the products.

First, ask yourself what is the goal I am trying to accomplish?

Then, ask yourself how you should distribute the products.  The easiest thing to start with is to think of upcoming events you will take part in. Do you pass your products out at a networking event instead of a business card?  Are you participating in a trade show?

Then think of other ways you can give away products to your audience. Will you give them away after sales meetings? Are you going to do a direct mail campaign?

Be creative and think outside of what others “typically” do.  To make an impact, you need to stand out from everyone else.

Track Results

Tracking results is key so you can find out what works and what can be improved. In your marketing strategy, you should define a way to track results. You should also define a specific time frame you will do so.

This is the most important step because it will help you determine your return on your investment. It will also help you determine whether your strategy positively affects your company and whether the strategy is worth repeating.

While these tips are just a start to advertising your brand, remember to think outside of the box. When you do that, you can find products truly unique unique to you and your business. It will also help you stand out and make an impact on your audience.

2 thoughts on “How to Start Using Promotional Products to Advertise Your Brand

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