Brand Experience Starts With the First Touch Point

It has been said that within the first seven seconds of someone meeting you, they will make 11 major decisions about you.

Decisions about whether you are approachable, credible, trustworthy, etc. People make these decisions based on feelings about their perception of you.

This is true with brands, as well – it’s called “Brand Experience”. Brand Experience is the feelings that come up when people think or talk about your brand. Its a perception of your brand that comes from interactions your audience has and how you are remembered from them. And, it starts with the first “touch point” a client has with your company.

What is a “Touch Point”?

If you look at your customer journey, each step is an opportunity for an interaction. Each interaction with your company is a “touch point”. Touch points begin from the first time they become aware of your company all the to advocacy for your brand.


What does this have to do with Brand Experience?

The Brand Experience you provide during each touch point has potential to move your audience along their journey. The more positive the experience, the more likely they will move toward that advocacy step.

In order to provide a positive Brand Experience for each step, the first thing to do is define the Brand Experience you want to give your audience.  Ask yourself questions like:

  • What is the first impression I want prospects to have of my brand?
  • How do I want my clients to feel when they’re working with me?
  • How do I want my clients to feel after they buy from me?
  • What do I want my clients to say about me to other people they know?

When you define the Brand Experience, you now have your Brand Experience Standards to use company wide so the experience is consistent.

Why is Brand Experience Important?

Brand Experience is important because today’s consumers are expecting brands to reach them on a personal level. Remember, your audience is constantly forming thoughts and opinions based on each interaction with your brand.

Creating a more personal experience will not only help them remember you, it will help you create deeper relationships that lead to repeat business and advocates for your brand.

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