Why Brand Experiences Matter To Your Company

How do your prospects and clients feel when they interact with your brand? If you don’t know, you should find out!

This is important to know because clients and prospects are constantly developing feelings after each interaction with you.  From the first touch point and after there’s an opportunity to create experiences that lead to feelings created about your brand.

These opinions are about who you are, what your brand is about and what you stand for.  Your audience takes these opinions and used them to decide whether they like you or not, if they will buy your products and services again and if they will continue to buy from you over again.

Brand Experience is not a new concept!

A few years ago, the shift to Brand Experience happened when companies realized brand management is too impersonal.

They realized in order to become memorable and stand out they need to start focusing on interactions.  This is because interactions create memorable experiences instead of stiff techniques.

Comparing Brand Management and Brand Experience

Brand Management is a series of strategies used to increase the perceived value of your brand. It is cut and dry and is based on feelings from what your market sees, like your product, price, and packaging.

Alternatively, Brand Experiences focus on how your market feels about their interactions with your brand. This means your audience is forming an opinion on interactions like communications, identities, and behaviors.

How to Create a Great Brand Experience

Using promotional items is one way to create a great brand experience. Sure promotional items are great for advertising, but they also surprise and delight.

Most of the time, recipients don’t see promotional items as advertisements. They see the items as something they are given for free. When they receive the item, they feel happy, excited and appreciated, which means you’ve done your job! You’re making the recipient feel the love you’re sending which increases your likeability and memorability which creates a positive lasting impression.

In the end, Brand Experience is not necessarily better than Brand Management. It depends on your company culture and how you choose to interact with your audience.

Ask yourself how you want your clients and prospects to feel when they interact with your brand. Do you want them to see packaging, logos and colors? Or, do you want them to experience your brand with each interaction?



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