Why Audience Clarity is Crucial for Marketing Campaign Success

Clearly defined goals, a finite time frame, a clear message, and the perfect vehicle to deliver your message. These are the necessities for a well-crafted strategic marketing campaign.  But, something important is missing.

When you’re trying to develop any marketing campaign, your intention is to grow your company and achieve results. Right? In order to achieve results, you need to be clear on who you are gearing your campaign toward.

Before you execute any type of marketing campaign – especially a promotional marketing campaign, it’s crucial to define your audience.  It can be any type of person or company you choose.  It can even be a group of people. The point is, you need to know who you’re creating the campaign for so you can get accurate results.

If you skip this part, you’ll be more prone to wasting your time, effort, and marketing budget on a campaign that fell on deaf ears. Simply put, without an audience, you will not make much traction towards your goals.

Instead of wasting time and money, here are a few other reasons you should clearly define your audience when planning your campaign.

You Can’t Be Everything to Everyone

If you are a commercial realtor, you wouldn’t try to sell an office building to someone looking for a place to live, would you?

If you’re trying to market your products and services to someone who doesn’t have a need, you’re wasting money trying to get them to buy from you.  Creating a niche group will help you solve this problem. To do this, narrow down your audience to a smaller group of people or businesses. This way, it will be easier to find and attract people who will buy from you.

Your Message Should Speak to Your Audience

When you’re crafting your message, you need to gear it towards the people you are speaking to. This means you should use their language to “speak” to them so it sounds like you know them. Plain and simple, if you don’t “speak” to your audience, they won’t hear you.

From the example above, someone looking for a house won’t tune into the message about a commercial office park building. This is because they won’t resonate with the message and find it as important as someone who is looking to buy office space.

Placement of Your Message

As you may know, the placement of your ads is an important part of getting your message to your audience.  Therefore, you want your message to be in front of the right group of people when they need your products and services the most.

When it comes to using promotional items, make sure the products you choose are useful to your audience.  If they’re useful, your audience will keep them around which allows your message to be seen more. The more impressions your message is seen, the more your audience will remember you when they need you.  When that time comes, they’ll remember the “gift” you gave them, retrieve it and contact you.

As you can see, defining your target audience is a very important step when creating a strategic marketing campaign. When you’re clear on your audience, your campaign will attract the right audience and generate results, easier.

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